Driver's licenses.....suspended in CA?


I never ever ever check that box when at the DMV. Frankly it is none of their business. Plus I’ve known too many people that have ended up in the same situation as you. It is truly unfortunate and unfair. I hope everything works out well for you.


If they say they can’t fix it, that’s bullsht. I wouldn’t accept that answer. You are going to a lot of effort to resolve this. They need to make an effort because there is no one else who CAN fix this but them (the clinic or the DMV). They hold all the cards, so they have to take responsibility. It is irresponsible and evil for them to put you into a catch-22 where you loose your ability to work because they can’t fix a paperwork mistake. Unacceptable. They are adults. They can do work.

You can always write a complaint to your legislature or the newspaper. Keep low expectations, but pursue different avenues.


Is this a commercial license? Noting your are looking for a some long drive? What a hassle! Nancy


@mohe0001 if the person has a CDL, the DMV won’t budge an inch as CDL is a Federal program. With normal Class C (passenger vehicles) licenses there might be some leeway for an improperly filed form, but in Calif the DMV does not like to make exceptions for anything if possible.


I think she’s working with a class C, not CDL. I (slowly) rode one of these electric bikes the other day and thought of this post. These are legal w/o a license in my state…maybe in yours, too. It was really fun. Might buy out of the box for $1,500, or you can build one for much cheaper.


P.S. Yesterday my state reported that they have simply run out of money and they will never fix our DMV computer system. I suppose I knew that was inevitable. My license will be randomly suspended for the rest of my life. But, its ok, the police don’t even pull me over for it anymore. They know the routine.

You never know. Maybe someday the state will figure it out. Stranger things have happened.


That is crazy that you ever had to do that!


this is just a regular license! Nothing special. I was thinking about doing deliveries for Uber at the most but not driving big rigs.


Thank you for this and I am keeping a time line and good record keeping.



I sent them a letter back asking for an official hearing even though it was technically after the 14 day from the original decision… there was a small loop hole I was trying to exploit. Since I had changed addressed during the time of mess they decided to transfer my file to the city that would take care of my new address. I find this interesting because I really think they knew this woman was wrong. I have a letter from my Dr. office stating that nobody from DMV contacted them. It clearly states on the decision letter this Dmv person contacted my Dr. office and that is what finalized her decision.

I finally got a call from the new city agency for dmv safety. They told me that I was scheduled for an interview in AUGUST. I asked for them to review my case and I briefed the officer on what had happened previously with the folks in El Segundo. She apologized for my experience but said basically because my previous results were not in good standing and they were over 6 months old I would need a new evaluation. WOW!!! Ok so now I am thinking what can I do to try and drop my A1C some what for this next evaluation.

Since the silliness in El Segundo… I have been keeping my BS levels between 80- 160 mg/dl on a regular. I have noticed I have gained weight also. I am exercising also but it is hard when you feel incredibly weak all the time.


@Christalyn I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit! Good thoughts towards getting your license back!!


Okay! Basically because the address on my license had changed, my case got moved to another district in the city where I live now… So that means I will not be re-judged by the clowns in the lower south bay office by the beach…

I was told by the new office they would need recent data to form a current decision. So… I went to the eye doctor and got approval stating my eyes are fine for driving. I just got back from the new Endo (old Endo is on maternity leave)… and got a clean bill of health and my A1C is not 8.3! Last time was considerably higher. All of this is on the poorly written generic paperwork provided by the civil service scholars at DMV.

I go to my DMV appointment next week…Wish me luck they will just give me my license back without medical probation…


So what happened?. Nancy50


Thanks for asking…
I had my second meeting with the DMV in the city I live in which is different than the first DMV office. The person explained to me why they may have had the initial ruling which still didn’t make sense. Basically they were judging me on Type 1 standards and because I use insulin. He also mentioned there was some regulation they must follow. I didn’t want to appear disagreeable with the mularky he was saying so I just agreed and moved forward. That was 3 weeks ago. After the meeting he did mention to me that he had some personal issues that he had to attend to but my “decision” would be in 2 weeks. I called this pass Monday about the decision because I haven’t received anything in the mail as to the status. I was told by the attendant that The presiding officer just got back in town and he would be rendering a decision shortly.

My issue is this…they are suppose to give you a decision with 2 weeks. When I initially missed the first deadline they had no problem suspending my privileges and then complain because I was an insulin dependent diabetic I was a danger to society like a drunk driver. When this officer has a personal issue to deal with I don’t even get the courtesy of being officially told my decision will be delayed. So in other words, I am still in hold pattern delta.

Again thank you for asking and i will keep you posted.


Have you contact the American Diabetes Association? They may have legal assistance for you.

Nancy Matulis
ACBMaine ,Secretary

ACBDA ,board member

membership committee



They are as worthless as a 3 dollars. That is the first thing and whined about how they couldn’t help. I wonder if I was Type 1 would that be the situation.



Nancy Matulis
ACBMaine ,Secretary

ACBDA ,board member

membership committee



Yes, you need a lawyer to advocate for you.


DMV is not prompt and they do not meet their own deadlines. I got a new drivers license on May 22nd (my old one expired). It has been over three months and they have not mailed me a new one. I’ve been in to talk to them about it, but it doesn’t help. They are unable to send mail, so I just get my yellow renewal paperwork re-stamped in the DMV office every 60 days and that keeps me valid and legal to drive. Not ideal, but workable. Thats really the best one can do sometimes. I know its frustrating. Keep your expectations really low. That helps.


@Christalyn given all the problems CA DMV is having with the new license roll-out, it’s not a surprise that they are running late with a decision. Keep in mind too that driving is a privilege not a right, so if it takes more time regardless of how frustrating you should wait. They have the interests of the greater good to worry about in addition to yours. I say this as an advocate of yours and Someone who has been through a similar ordeal with CA DMV multiple times and is extremely lucky to still have a license.