Driving High

Tylers Mom again . I have seen lots of stuff on not driving when you BS is low , but what about when you are high ?

Tyler got his permit and he is doing very well . We check before we drive & I made the mistake once he checked and his sugar was over 200 (hormones I guess) but i thought well he is ok . But what I noticed was alack of concentration so he pulled over & I took over . I was wondering what everyone else thinks about this . Do you drive high ? Thanks Jo

Wow… never thought about that… my son gets his permit in a few weeks too… He can get angry easy when high… what a pain that will be for him… the times he is in “the zone” is so irratic. Let me know how it goes… we are right behind you on this …our time is coming very soon.

Well get ready I hate it for them ,but it is what it is they have to deal with this on top of everything else that teens go through .

I don’t think that 200 is a big problem. Just my personal take as a T1. It’s way better than a hypo while driving.

If I can possibly arrange it, the times that I drive are planned around being sure I’m not hypo, which means often “known to be at least a little high with no chance of a sudden drop”.

In the perfect world of course the number would be normal-to-just-a-little-high but taking away a privilege just because of a single high bg… that’s getting too close to being like a punishment. I’m not a teenager with T1 anymore, but I was one 30 years ago, and you really don’t want to go there if you can avoid it.

I agree. I always err on the side of being high when I’m driving, especially if it’s going to be a long drive. I would think 200 wouldn’t affect your driving much if at all.
Grant it at 16 you need all the margin of error you can get, :slight_smile: .

Well he said he didnt want to drive his self ,which I was happy about plus he was on the high side of 200 . I was just wanting to know if anyone felt a lack of concentration when you are really high as you do when you are low ? Of course high is better then a hypo that is for sure . But as you know teenagers / boy get distracted easy anyway ! LOL

200 doesn’t bother me much at all - I don’t necessarily like being there but I don’t have any overt symptoms to complain about. Others here feel differently and will start complaining, as if it were the end of the world, if they are over 120. So I guess symptoms/impressions/thoughts do vary from mine.

In my opnion its much more dangerous to drive low. What I do is always have gluclose tablets in my car and if I need them there avaiable. As for high. I’m not sure as long as the high isn’t making him sleepy or dizzy id think it will be ok. I’ve driven high a lot but lows really are worse cause I start to shake and get light headed

Here in Ontario Canada, I was told when diagnosed that you had to be above 5 mmol/L (I believe that’s 90 for you folks in the US). Also always keep Glucose tablets in the car in case you feel like you might be low, and of course make sure you have a medic-alert bracelet saying you are an insulin dependant diabetic.

I think it also depends how reacts when high, and at what levels… I know I start falling asleep and passing out at 400+… so, yeah, I couldn’t drive on any highway like that. lol

Gotta agree there. I can handel a 300 or over driving. When Low I can handel things til I drop below 29. I don’t drive any more b/c of always botteming out. Just a opinion.

Well, I don’t think that is High enough to warrant Not driving either…
Of course, it’s a confidence issue… How does he function being 200 at anything else?
My Procedures for going out driving?
1.I test 1/2- 1hr hr before hand, unless I’m pretty sure I’m in my range ( 90-120’s), then I will wait until ti Go out the door…
2. I know what my SF and CB factors are to take a CB for being High…That’s why I test 1/2-1 hr before to catch a going High or a Possible Going Low issue ( if I’m 70’s? I take 1 glucose tab )

Depending on your state? You even get a Ticket, let alone have an Accident? It can lead to having your license suspended until you come into court with Dr. letter verifying your in control and it’s a real Hassel…

And sorry, but my Kids didn’t drive till 18 and 19…, but Living in a larger City they didn’t have too… So Ita All depends on where your live…

I don’t notice lack of concentration, etc with BG over 200, but my eyesight is not as sharp. If I get much higher than that I do get sleepy. No problem on short errands. I will say I’m pretty conservative when I correct a high while driving on a long trip. Better to come down slow than crash. (Crash as in BG…not the car.)

I do not drive if lower than 75. I will give a small correction if not at least 80 when I drive . However, driving long distances tends to raise my blood sugars, so i have to have a slightly higher basal. I can drive at 200., but I do not like to.I start to get really tired over 250 or so, and do not feel like driving. Slim margin, but that IS type one.

God Bless,


Thanks guys the only sign tyler has is his vision gets blurey when he is over 250 and he also gets tired . I see that I have to tell him something 20 times but then again that might not be high blood sugar LOL . Thanks for all your comments .

I drive all the time and my only rule is never below 70. Highs have not been an issue although I get angrier with dumb drivers quicker when high.

I really don’t think it is an issue but I’ve been living with it a long time.

Hey Burnetta, interesting info there. My D-xperiences are different.

When I drive my BG drops, usually not too drastically but enough to test every 60-90 while on a long trip. (And yes, I have become quite adept to testing while driving down the interstate–or so I think. But at least, I don’t text.) B-}

From my experience with the big “D” personally and with others that I have known, I believe that attitude is about 50% of many D-issues.

I don’t believe we have any laws yet in the south. My rule is never below 70 and eating something if it is 80 or below. I carry Werther’s candy (5 carbs each) with me as I’ve have only tried the Glucose tablets but - 25 years ago and decided I would stick with candy.

I have a TAC Drive which is much better and cheaper than the Medic-Alerts but that just my opinion.

I was told its ok to drive when sugar levels are high but not low. For me who is trying to get my license, I prefer to drive when levels are normal range.