Dropping low at school

Gym has been tough on my daughter lately. If her sugars are below 6 she will take 2 dex4 candies. Another thing you can do to help with the lows at night is to give him a premiere protein shake. Only 2grams of carbs but helps to sustain blood sugars.

If you have a Dexcom I highly suggest you get her the cheapest iphone and a pouch so she always has it connected and so you always know where he is sugar wise. we do that with our daughter.

if she goes under 70 she has an alarm (we chose a baby crying) and she knows to tell the school nurse and if the nurse is not around for whatever reason she has glucose gel she has been authorized to take “when the baby cries”…my wife and I got iwatches as well so we pretty much always know how she is doing. The phone is not for playing and you could even lock it as the alarm will sound regardless and you can call her and she can answer. good luck, we’ve been at this for only 2 months and while it has been challenging, our daughter is surprisingly responsible…