Strange lows

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this. Twice in the past week my 6 year old has experienced sudden lows in the hour after eating. On Monday his lunch bg was 102. He ate well having probably 55-65gm of carbs. They went to recess like usual. His teacher called me about 1:00 (he eats at 12) and he told her he was feeling low and was 91. Not a bad number, but he was feeling it. Today he had a field trip. He ate at the normal time, same kind of lunch. Then they walked through and exhibit. His bg today was 119 at 12:00 and when we were leaving at about 12:40 you could just see him sinking and he’s telling me “I’m low, I’m low” I’m thinking “no way” His bg was 49! His insulin pump settings have not changed recently except for an early morning hour basal slight increase. His basal for lunch is 0.15unit/hr and his IC ratio is 1:40. Has anyone else had this happen? I was quite surprised since it was so soon after eating. Thinking maybe those decent pre meal bg were just pegging him as he was actually dropping faster and then he gets over bolused or that his IC ratio needs to be changed. (Which it been at this setting for quite a while) Or is this just random weirdness?! Just glad I was on the field trip.

If she is low 1 to 2 hours post lunch you will need to change her I:C ratio. If you are not sure how to change it or to which ratio to change it you should call her Endo.
My daughter’s used to go low too… The dr used to make my daughter’s adjustments until I learned how to do it myself.
Good luck !

Any stomach bug issues? A couple of weeks back our 5 yr old caught a stomach bug and was generally low after eating and insulin doses due to “malabsorption.” Gabe’s lows continued for a few days after he started feeling better.

. He did have the stomach bug one day last week, and his numbers were relatively ok. He’s been pretty stable since. He ran high yesterday, we changed his pod and he was high this morning before school, but with the normal bg before lunch I thought “Hey we’re back in the norm” till he dropped in 45 min. No recess today since on a museum field trip. Tonight at dinner we had the dreaded “HIGH” no ketones. I don’t know if this is rebound from earlier or if some illness is brewing. I guess we’ll see what tonight holds. Stupid diabetes.

I would change the Insulin to Carb ratio, i.e., give less insulin for food, by RAISING the Carb ratio. If it is 1 to 40, I would go up. That is such a high carb ratio, not sure if you raise it to five, ten? So 45, 50, more? You will need to ask your endo. In addition, be aware of the glycemic index of food and to mix and match the GI. In other words, if eating something slow digesting such as pizza or pasta, have some faster acting carbs with it, such as fruit or fruit juice, bread, etc. If I give pizza and a straight bolus for it, she will go low than high. Combo bolus can be used on the pump, but I still give fast acting carbs along with the slow acting. It’s safer.