Low and a Panic Attack?

Yesterday my DD 10 called from school because her PDM for omnipod quit working and she felt low and couldn't check. I know that lows make her brain fuzzy and she wasn't understanding what I was saying to her. I couldn't even get her to hand the phone to her teacher. In the few minutes I was on the phone with her, she went from fuzzy to crying to a full-blown panic attack. I ended up calling the school office to take her a coke (which actually her teacher had already done, and she settled down after she drank it. Any others with experience of lows and panic attacks at the same time? She started having them in Sept when our friend (a 14 yr old T1) died in her sleep.

How scary she must have felt!!!! Poor baby..... I am not sure becuase my daughter was diagnosed 8 months ago and she is only 4 years old. I think you need to re-assure her that you all are doing the best you can. Maybe sneding her to a camp with other children her age would be good.

Yes! My son had a prolonged low at school that took us an hour to bring him out of. Combination of transposing his carb number for his lunch bolus, com ing off and illness and the excitement of a class party. At any rate, he was EXTREMELY emotional (he normally is not), angry, and panicy. It was very clear that, despite the fact that his eyes were open and he would answer our questions, his brain was not engaging normally. It was our most scary T1D experience, but he remembers nothing at all about it.