Dropping numbers 3+ hours after meal (ALL day)- HELP!

My son has been sick with mono and since his #s have been off. I thought we had them (better) under control and then he also got the flu. Since getting over the flu a few days ago his #'s have been high (250 @ 2 hours post meal) and then drop/plumets down to 70/80's within 3-4 hours after the meal. We are correcting with anywhere from 25-40 (A LOT) carbs to keep him around 100. What is going on? We didn't change his Lantus dose, but feel he may have too much Lantus?? Is it something else? HELP!

it is no fun when they are sick and when their numbers are not what you would expect, he has had a rough time, you too! one thing to try is to pre bolus if you do not already if he is spiking 2 hours post it might help to give his rapid insulin 10-20 minutes before he eats, i know this complicates things but it can help also is he eating enough protein and fat? if this doesnt work then his lantus may need to be lowered, so many variables! has his activity picked up now that he is feeling better? in anycase i hope things improve. best wishes, amy

His endo has been on vacation in Peru over Christmas/New Years. She said (via text) to lower his carb ratio numbers as he is dropping after he eats because he has too much insulin on-board after his food has digested. However, he is going SO high post-meal I can't imagine him going even higher (he has a CGM and it's reading 280 at 1 hour post meal). Then, again he's dropping like a bomb 3+ hours after eating. UGH!!! Thanks for your help. I am nervous that his numbers are high and not low with him being sick.

His endo has been on vacation in Peru over Christmas/New Years. We will see her on Monday morning. I have been up ALL night with him and if I weren't we would have ended up with serious hypo for sure. Been giving him around 40 carbs of snacks during the night. I just don't know what to do. :(

i meant to reply sooner but i was busy at work, i think sometimes we as moms have to trust our instints,and not be afraid to make changes. i think your endo didnt see the big picture when she/he said to decrease his carb ratio, it is a pain but if you are not doing it try making him wait a bit after doing his rapid shot, it is suppose to help with spikes. one thing is for certain when you have this figured out it will change again, sickness can really throw things out of wack, if you are worried about night time lows try deceasing his lantus also a higher fat or protien snack helps to, i feel your frustration, hang in there! amy

We seem to have the breakfast and lunch under better control, but we are still giving tons of snacks during the night to keep his #'s up. Then around 3:00 a.m. he starts to rise & rise (DP kicking in). Spoke with his endo. today (she's back from vacation in Peru) and she said to lower his lantus. I told her that I have already tried this for several nights and then he wakes up at 230+. She said it may be time for a pump. Wish we could find another way other than a pump. :(

Hi...my daughter was diagnosed a year and a half ago...also doesn't want a pump..we test her throughout the night and have found she starts to rise around 5:30 am after being in the 70 to 90 range. once she hits 140, we give her just .5 unit of humalog, then test every 30-40minutes to make sure she doesn't go too low until she has her breakfast at 8am...she is usually in the 80's at breakfast..if we didn't give the .5 humalog, she would be in the 180's by breakfast...we are presently working on getting her a CGM...again, she does not want a pump...her A1C's are always between 6.1 and 6.5 so what we are doing is working...we test A LOT which is why I think a CGM will help...Good Luck!...Marnie

Kyle has a CGM so I check that a lot. Problem is it doesn't seem to catch the highs. Once his #'s hit above 190 it is really off (30-50 points). So, I still have to test him if the CGM is reading high. So, you are comfortable running her in the 70-90 range? We try to keep my son in the 100-120 range. He feels funny (light headed) around 80. I want to try to work his #'s down but we are so scared of lows.

We are comfortable with that range but my hubby and I check throughout the night taking turns and setting 2 alarm clocks to ensure we don't oversleep. Once she is below 70, we wake her up and give her some juice, but that only happens about once a week. My endo knows this and feels ok with it since we are so insane with checking...What CGM do you have?...We will be getting the latest Dexcom called G4 platinum...we have a friend with it and he loves it...I'm hoping that will help us...marnie

Yes, we just started the G4 in November. We love it. The only thing is it takes a long time to show it's rising from a low ... we over corrected a few times. It takes your glucose meter 15-20 minutes to show a change (increase) and the CGM can be 10-15 minutes behind your glucose meter. So you can see where that can be a problem. But, we use the glucose meter (finger test) now after 15-20 min. to make sure he is rising from a low & sure enough the CGM catches right up within about 10-15 minutes.

Thanks, that's good to know...Also, my daughter's background/long acting insulin is levimir which she gets at 7am and a smaller dose at 7 pm...my endo likes it that way and it keeps her in a good range...one more quick question...does it hurt a lot putting on the CGM and do you get 7 days out of it like they advertise? thanks, marnie

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Most of his sensors last 9-10 days. I have learned to replace them at 9 so they don't go out while he's at school (He gets "???" for hours). He has quickly learned to rely on it & it has made him feel more comfortable running around in PE not worrying about going low. He only had one insertion that he said hurt (& it bled). He says it doesn't hurt much more that an insulin injection. Good luck! :)

hi again, what kind of snack do you typically give kyle at bedtime, my son was diag. at 10 years old, now 14 which i think made things easier for us, knock on wood the only time he has struggled with a night time low was when i gave him novolog instead of lantus at bedtime, yes that was awful, worst nightmare coming true, i was always so afraid of it happening the self fulfilling prophechy came true! in anycase he got to eat lots and have exra testing and was fine. but i always set him up with a good protein,fat plus carb snack to keep him going. his fav. is iceream of course, but he also likes cheestick or turkey peperonis and crackers, it sounds like when kyle has a low at night you might be overtreating which we all do! in anycase the fat protein thing has always made me feel comfortable with how his numbers run at night. i hope things even out, the CGM must make you feel more "safe", jacob never wanted one, constant reminder and all, a draw back to older children, they make more decisions, luckily for me jacob has always been one to do the right thing, even when he is mad he will come around and test for ketones...do what ever he needs to do. thank goodness, i am a little proud of him! hope things improve, we are all in this crazy boat together, it feels better to be heard and supported, thinking of you! amy

I know, it does help just having somewhere to voice your problems. It's a bit of a relief to hear that others aren't "perfect" too and have struggled with a lot of the same things. When he does eat a snack ... funny story that now he's running high all day (crazy, right!) it is usually a graham cracker with peanut butter or milk and Cheeze-Its. Even when he isn't sick he doesn't get a very large snack or he goes super high early in the night which doesn't come down. I always wondered IF I gave him more Lantus AND gave him a larger snack if that would help with the morning highs ...

Is Kyle, thinking of a pump? jacob got to a point where he needed his lantus and novolog at bedtime with a snack depending on his bs, there are concerns with the complexity of the pump in the beginning and of course pump malfunctions, even more variables than with MDI but so nice to just press a few buttons when and where they want to eat. jacob has been on the omnipod for 2 years and despite some initial problems with highs after changes and some occasional issues with malf, or the pod coming off, much better now that he is used to it slightly more of an issue in the summer, he has done well with it. he NEVER wanted a pump and we never pushed it until my husband had him watch a utube video about the omnipod and that was it he wanted to move foward right away. how does kyle handle his diabetes, does he get frustrated or self conscious? jacob is still self conscious not to many of his friends are in the know, he is at a new high school this year, he just has a hard time bringing it up, that has been one of his biggiest issues with D, feeling different and dealing with his D in front of his peers. he gets upset when things are really out of wack like if he has to change his pod because of a problem but generally he rolls with things pretty well. does kyle know anyone else that has D or has a pump. absolutely can't rush it, it just seems like since he is struggling with his numbers the pump might give him more options, but everyone in the family esp. kyle has to be ready or it's not even worth considering. just putting it out there, hope things get better! amy

He has two good friends (non-D) that know about his diabetes and know what to watch for when he is low. They are only 14 & I couldn't rely on them to actually help much but to tell Kyle to eat something (but it does offer some reassurance). He is very shy & doesn't like to talk about his D either.
Kyle doesn't want a pump. He doesn't want all the extra "stuff" to worry about and is happy with MDI. Actually, I am happy with MDI ... what I'm not happy about is having that crazy Dawn Phenomenon that we just can't get a handle on. It ruins his entire morning at school. Plus, I am getting up at all crazy times of the morning to give him a Novolog injection and then watching for the next 2 hours to make sure he doesn't go low (then of course my alarm goes off - lol). Part of being a mom of a kid with diabetes, but it would be nice if the pump could help with that. It's a tough call.

Even with Kyle being sick for over a month his A1c was 6.6. YAY!

good A1c! at least some of his buds know and obviously dont care! jacob was in middle school with two boys his age with D that went to the nurse everyday together and never talked about their D! Boys! at least he talks to me and is dealing the best he can, i guess the important thing is to make them feel empowered, competent and also know that despite their best effforts things arent always perfect. such a tough way to learn wisdom lessons, but adversity makes us strnoger. acceptance of all things good and bad makes life easier. i wish i had more constructive help for DP but with jacob we just up his basal during the overnight, i've definitely seen posts here though for DP and MDI. with the growth spurts it is a challenge. jacob just grew like two inches quickly and his bs was pretty stable so sometimes expectations are worse than reality. hang in there! amy