Dry Cough?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop a dry cough? Its driving me nuts,and I dont really want to go to a doc,or take a bunch of meds thats gonna knock me out.I think I have the start of a cold or sinus infection,but my coughing is not bringing anything up,just keeping ME up on the rare hours I can sleep! Grrr.

Do you take blood pressure medication? Did you recently start one? Dry cough can happen when a class of meds called ACE Inhibitors are taken. A common med in this group is called Lisinopril.

No I sure dont,not yet anyhoo.Doc said that was a future possibility,but so far,nope.

I take Amitryptiline sp celexa and metformin…any of those maybe?

Dry mouth is listed as a common side effect of Amitryptiline. Perhaps a lack of oral moisture is contributing to the dry cough?

Have you been exposed to some irritants? Like smoke, dust, chemicals? Allergies and asthma can also cause dry coughs. The allergy can cause some inflammation or swelling of the throat causing us to cough.

You can drink a lot of warm water all through out the day… Ive also tried warm water, some honey and lemon. Gargling lukewarm water with a bit of salt may also help.

If it persist though ( like 2-3 weeks), its best you see a doctor. Sometimes dry cough can be a symptom of other pulmonary problems.

ohh .I didnt know that! i’ll try drinking more and see if that helps.Thank you gphx,wouldnt have tthought too much of it!

I have hayfever,its never done this before though. My town is loaded with factories,we have a saying,“If you dont have allergies when you come here,you will when you leave”…Maybe its that with everything else.My son smokes,but I try to steer clear of that,not always successfuly tho…lol.

I’ll try warm salty water for a few weeks,see if that helps.I’m due for a 6 week check up anyways in the next month,so if its still here,I will mention it to the doc.

Thanks for your suggestions Teena!