DTreat! An awesome weekend retreat for those 18-30 living with Type 1 Diabetes!

D Treat! Boise, Idaho July 15-17, 2016! Sharing this invitation from the great people at Hodia.org

Please join us for Idaho’s retreat for young adults with type 1 diabetes by young adults with type 1 diabetes, Hodia DTreat! Hodia DTreat is a diabetes retreat, in real life, with peers, for young adults 18-30 years old! Over the weekend you will have the opportunity to form relationships with others who get it, and talk truth about the issues facing people your age with T1D.

Now bring your support person!!! You can now bring one support person to the event that is either your roommate, sibling, best friend, or significant other within the age of 18-30!

If you’re looking for boring lectures, and to be talked down to by people who don’t really get it, Hodia DTreat definitely isn’t for you. Hodia DTreat is a Hodia program, put on by young adults from Hodia, come on, it will be awesome! We have found really engaging, resourceful and educated medical providers to lead discussions and workshop style breakout sessions throughout the weekend. No topic is off limits, too serious, stupid or basic. It didn’t matter if we’re talking about leaving home, fears of giving our children diabetes, diabulimia, concerns with alcohol, weight loss, international travel, etc.

We will also have time built into the program to mingle and get to know each other or reconnect with longtime friends. This retreat is to give you the info you need to live confidently with diabetes as a young adult, and connect with others. The cost, which includes your hotel, meals, workshop materials and snacks.

Questions about the cost of attending? Hopefully, this might help explain it!


When you register select the option that includes your location (either Idaho, Oregon & Wyoming or not Idaho, Oregon & Wyoming) select this option from now until Feb 1st all you have to pay is $70 from Feb 1st-May 1st you have to pay $90 and after May it is $120! If you are not from Idaho, Oregon & Wyoming we will ask you to do a fundraiser to help bridge the gap in the costs of the conference for people out of our service area.

The Actual fees are for individuals who can pay the full amount (Hint: GREAT HOLIDAY/BIRTHDAY GIFT) without assistance from our grants.

For all support people the fees are as follows: Early bird registration ends Feb 1st and the cost is $70. Regular registration goes until May 1st and the cost is $90. Late registration is anything after May 1st and the cost is $120.

You must register prior to DTreat to participate in any portion of the weekend.

Don’t miss this register today! DTreat 2016 for 18-30ish year olds and their support!

Hey that looks like fun. I suggest a D camo out?

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Such an amazing opportunity! :slight_smile:

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Yes it really does sound very cool. Not as cool as going to the ADA but clearly a cool gig.

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I guess one is officially no longer a “young” adult once they hit 31 years… :cry:

I’m too old (and crotchety)

I’m WAY too old, but have been told by many that I “act young for my age.” (I hope this is a good thing…) :thinking:

I checked with Hodia and as long as the content seems meaningful and relevant they are willing and open flexibility on age. I’m pushing 40 and am going to participate! There are some topics that are still really meningful to me (relationships, diabulimia, etc.) Plus as you mentioned @rgcainmd…I think I could act “age appropriate” … I’m ten years behind on everything !! Lol! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hodia is always looking for good “old” crotchety mentors😜

Oh… And thanks everyone for taking a look at this! They are some of the most amazing and passionate diapeeps I have come across!!! (Outside of TuD of course!) I have invited many of the lead folks to join! They all have diabetes or kiddos with D.

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I can’t wait for the event! I am the director, so feel free to ask me any questions!

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