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Hi everyone
I was diagnosed with diabetes just 1 week before i found out i was pregnant dr is not sure wat type we will know after pregnancy.i take insulin 4 times a day approximately 9 IU and at night approx 3.my due date is 29 September(my first!)gyno said they will induce me at 40 weeks if I don’t go into labor naturally by then.Iam hoping to have natural pain before than.i dont no anybody else personally with diabetes like my case.can u please suggest any tips to go naturally into labour without induction and also any tips for when im in labor related with diabetes.anything that comes to ur mind is really appreciated and asap please coz I don’t have much time.
Thanks in advance :blush:

Congrats. I had to laugh a bit about your post. “Iam hoping to have natural pain before than” Whoever said it was a woman’s job to suffer pain? My wife and I went through Lamaze with our daughters pregnancy, we thought having a drug free delivery was the way to go. My wife went through more than 10 hours of labor and near the end, mentally and physically exhausted she accepted an epidural. You would not believe her relief. When my son was born, totally different attitude. My wife started asking at admissions about an epidural. Yes, pain is natural. Humans have evolved to a point where pregnancy is difficult dangerous and painful. But I don’t believe that women deserve to suffer pain simply because they are the ones having to bear children. Just my opinion.


Have you read the book Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes?

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Although not diabetes related
The oldie but goodie
"what to expect when you are expecting"

My 28 year old edition has several natural childbirth hints. :slight_smile:

I’m a big believer in epidurals. The medication remains on the “right” side of the BBB (blood-brain barrier) if I remember correctly. Do you use local anesthesia (novocaine and the like) when you get teeth filled? Then why not utilize epidural anesthesia when giving birth?

ETA: epidural opioids can cross the placenta in high doses. But I’ve never seen a baby born with respiratory depression due to epidural anesthesia. My experience only.

Thanks for ur responses.To be clear im not against epidural or any form of pain relief,infact im thinking of taking watever form of pain relief available.what i don’t want is labor induced by oxytocin or any other medicine.i prefer to go into labor naturally i.e have contractions by myself not taking any medication for it if possible but if it cant b done induction is ok.

Personal experience here:
I’m not a doctor

Check with your mom to see how quick her labor was with you, and with any of your sisters.

Many times quick – or prolonged – labors run in the family.

This proved to be true FOR ME.

My mom had quick labors. Under 5 hours each time.

Mine were quick, too.
3 hours for the first one
2 hours for the second one

My doctors knew it would be quick and were at the hospital within 5 minutes of me arriving!

Two hours after the birth, the anesthesiologist wheeled in his cart.
I had to tell him he was too late!

No meds for me!
But that IS NOT SO EASY if you have long labors.
If I’d had long labors, I would have had the epidural!

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