Natural childbirth

Hi all!

I’ve wrote a few times around here i found great support from you all!

I am almost 33 weeks pregnant and i am starting to think more and more about the big day.

My endo told me from the begining that i should not even try for natural birth, go straight to a c-section at 36-38 weeks. He had no convincing arguments i must say and he has given me some pretty bad advice during the pregnancy so i don’t really trust his judgment.

I would like to try a natural birth and my ob-gyn is right there with me.

As i don’t know any diabetic mom who had a natural childbirth, i am starting to wonder about the risks. My biggest concern is that if i have a long labor, the baby could end up with a very low bg or in a coma.

I would like to hear if any diabetic mom who delivered naturally had any issues of this kind or any other kind.

The only reason why i take into consideration a c-section is my fears regarding the baby’s health!

I just received my las A1C: 4,9!!! Yay!!!

Hey LT!

I can’t speak from experience, but I think that if your OB is on board for a natural birth, you should feel especially confident. (S)he may not be a diabetes expert, but I’m positive (s)he had to learn about the risks involved in pregnancy/delivery with diabetes.

Something to keep in mind is that, if you’re in a hospital, you can go from all-natural to not natural (C-section, pit, whatever) as soon as it’s necessary. I’m betting your baby will be just fine in the blood sugar department as long as you are fine, but I think you can probably rely on your OB and the labor staff to be watching his vitals carefully. If you want, you can even request constant monitoring. The only problem there is that it will restrict your movement, which can make dealing with natural labor harder.

My ob/gyn has delivered a bunch of type 1 babies. I’m only 11 weeks pregnant so nowhere as near to delivery as you but we were talking with our ob/gyn about it a little recently. I told her that I really just want to deliver vaginally if possible. I don’t mind being induced if neccesary or having to be hooked up to a glucose/insulin drip (she hasn’t mentioned this yet). I just want to avoid a c-section at all costs. She told me that 40% of her type1 diabetic patients deliver via c-section but that as long as my placenta hasn’t deteriorated and the baby isn’t too big that they would let me deliver vaginally. It all has to do with whether the baby can tolerate labour or not. This is why I’ll have constant monitoring and ultrasounds coming up to delivery.