Duel Wave/ Square Bolus: what if You Need to Add More Insulin?

often during a holiday meal i would like to give myself a dual wave bolus; my problem is this: what do i do if during the meal, i decide i want to eat more (desert, for example) and my only option for insulin delivery is by way of a fast acting bolus rather than being able to add insulin on to my square or dual bolus which is already coming out of my pump?

any ideas or suggestions appreciated (it is now the Jewish Holidays, and i havent gotten a clue. its all guess-work for me (despite the fact that i am old-time pumper.

You can always add more by doing a manual bolus. If I need to add more to the square wave part, I suspend and redo it.

wow! thx a ton. i have never done a suspend and redo bolus before. i am excited now to try it! so i just go into my "suspend" screen and start over again?

Yes, Suspend stops everything. you can redo it anytime. :)

thx. i am breaking the fast w/ my family this evening for Yom Kippor(a jewish New Year Holiday meal with tons of food for non-D) (i just watch them all eat while i drool)

You can do another bolus anytime even when the Square wave is running. Remember your pump always adds

insulin for every carb you enter into the bolus wizard and the wizard will track your correction insulin and IOB.

Example: You can start a square wave and bolus for each coarse and the pump will track IOB, you will not

stack insulin as long as you count carbs accurately...the pump always assumes your entry's are correct.

I've tried the square/ dual wave and think that doing multiple boluses works better for me. 15G of appetizers, then 20 more, then 50 for dinner and maybe 20 for dessert. A lot of times, the sort of IOB/ stacking will "cover" dessert so I sometimes blow off that bolus and it seems to be a decent way to get through those without spiking too much.

thx. i tried it tonight and i ended up going low (50), so now i am blissfully eating a piece of Belgium chocolate. ntx time i will try to not over-shoot my goal BS.

i tried doing the dual bolus tonight, and i ended up going low (50) so i think i am in the end better off doing multiple dosages. we'll see. i can try it again for the ntx holiday. thx for Ur input.