Duloxetine and gabapentin

I was just prescribed Duloxetine for use in conjunction w/gabapentin. Has anyone had experience with using to two together or migrating from gabapentin to duloxetine?

Hi I take cymbalta with lyrica 60mg of cymbalta and 300mg lyrica. I find since been put on cymbalta I have gained weight but others have said they have lost weight. I also felt very lethargic when first started taking it. I find most days both together help out. I take it for nerve damage which I have all over

Been on both for about 15 years. They do help me, in fact, went from using a cane to walk to not and have not lost further ground in gait and balance. Always start these meds at a low dose and gradually increase. Don’t drive or do anything requiring alertness until you know how you respond. Everyone is different. And give them time. At least 6 weeks at the max dose. The cymbalta can be taken at the time of day that makes sense. If it makes you sleepy, at night, etc. And always check with your doc/RPh.

There are also compounded creams that may work very well for you. Mine does for me. They contain many different ingredients in different concentrations. Mine is ketamine/gabapentin/baclofen/cyclobenzaprine/bupivicaine/imipramine/nifedipine If your doc contacts IPS pharmacy the pharmacist there can discuss different formulations. These need 6 weeks or so for full affect, too, but for me it was a huge improvement. Good luck and be patient. Things can and will improve.