Hi new here

I have very sever PN, it affects my feet and lower legs and my hands and the EMG shows some numbness in my lower arms. I am battling two foot sores now.

I was prescirbed a new drug called Savella over a year ago and have NO pain at all in my legs or hands now. It was prescibed for my fibromyalgia, but luckily it has worked for both.

Wecome to TuDiabetes. You will find a friend and open ear here to listen.

Sorry for your pain.

KInd regards, Rebecca

I did the Cymbalta / Lyrica combo for almost 2 years. I also experienced weight gain and cannot say I felt much better. Savella is the only thing to help me with my Fibro and all of my PN. I also take an anti-depressent for that issue.

Do alot of research on those drugs before you get started. Cymbalta is really hard to come off of. Horrible side effects. Just be careful.

Good luck, Paul. I hope you have a good day!