Early TuAnalyze Survey Results Show Members Having Serious Problems with Devices

Last week we launched two new surveys in TuAnalyze, on insulin delivery systems and blood glucose monitors. A big thank you to everyone who has taken these surveys—so far each has been completed over 200 times!

The purpose of these surveys, which were developed in collaboration with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is to gain an understanding of which devices are in use by persons with diabetes, and to gather reports on device problems and malfunctions and related health problems. So far, a serious health issue related to a device problem has been reported by:

• 22% of pump users

• 16% of CGM users

• 15% of infusion set users

• 6% of insulin pen users

• 4% of finger stick meter users

As more surveys are completed, comprehensive analyses of device use patterns, safety and problems will be undertaken with results fed back to the community, the FDA and diabetes healthcare professionals

What devices do you use to control your diabetes, and what has been your experience with them? Share your thoughts by taking the surveys here.

Thank you for your support of the TuAnalyze project!