Easter Baskets

Just discovered Sugar Free Peeps at WalMart and they are good! Also got Sugar Free Jelly Belly jelly beans at Cracker Barrel! And, of course, Russel Stovers has a multitude of sugar free candy that is phenomenal.

I know our kids can have “sugar full” (as we say it at our house), but the sugar free stuff John doesn’t have to ask for or think about. He just grabs one.

Just thought I’d share.

Have a Happy Easter!

Is the sugar free stuff necessarily carb free? Just curious? These holidays are so tough. It’s all about CANDY!! ARGHH!

No sugar free is not carb free, just less. We still
have to be caution with sugar free because too much could
have a bad affect. But enjoy the holidays-they are great.

My 7 year old is T1 and my 2 year old has a peanut allergy. This has really forced us to reevaluate how we do Easter baskets and holidays in general. I’m doing mainly home made items, but try to steer away from sugar free products in general. I would rather just give Jaylin insulin for the real treats, just have them rarely. I’m doing less candy and more fun things…stuffed animals and DVD’s, etc. This ultimately lasts longer than the candy and I won’t spend a month trying to keep Jaylin from sneaking all the jelly beans.

From what I’ve seen, a lot of the sugar free candy still has a significant amount of carbs, and would still require insulin. We just stick to the full sugar. I must be missing the benefit of the sugar free stuff.


The only benefit (on paper I have not actullay seen it effect my Son’s BS) but they say the sugar alcohol should be deducted from total carbs per serving…( as it is supposed to have marginal impact on blood sugar) and that’ should be the carb intake amount for insulin coverage. Have not seen a difference…

Not to mention the sugar free items due tend to have a laxative effect, and you end up paying 4.00 to 4.50 for a small bag of 10 peices, when the regular have 3 x as much for your money, with in our case the same outcome.

But each person is different, and may be effected differently.

hope this helps

I agree with you totally. Becky is going to have to have insulin anyway. Our nutritionist said, “If you are going to eat it…eat the good stuff.”

I agree, go with the real stuff in limited amounts, sugar-free is chemical in nature and worse than real sugar, just my opinion…

we were once loaded up on sugar free candy soon after my sons diagnosis. 3 people. one bathroom. not fun lol. now we put candy in there but a lot more toys.

My son is 12, and had Type 1 for 2 years. He has always had a sweet tooth, so I got him a little of his favorite candy. Reese’s and some Peeps. Then a few packs of sugar free gum, and other non-candy items. Tech Deck skateboards, painting supplies, etc. He gets money sometimes, in place of candy. He seems to like that better, anyway, as long as he gets just enough candy to satisfy his sweet tooth.