First Easter as Diabetic...Glad it's over! Anyone else?

I Love(d) Easter!! I was the family Easter basket maker and baker. I have been so depressed about Easter this year since I couldn’t have any Easter candy, which is my favorite holiday candy. I wasn’t a big candy eater before diabetes, but not being able to eat it is making me crave it more! I don’t really have the willpower yet to have a bunch of sugar in the house. Luckily my kids are 22, 20 and 15 so they didn’t care. I made the mistake of trying some sugar free jelly beans, DID NOT AGREE WITH ME!!
My advice on that is, just skip it! Well, had to vent…and have a little fun

I ate maybe a handful of mini chocolate bars. I know that was probably too many, but I feel good about it since I know how many I WOULD have eaten before being diagnosed!!lol

Sometimes it’s better to just have a little bit of the old treats so we don’t feel deprived, and then go back to eating healthy. That is what they are meant to be, after all, special treats. It’s just that, in these modern times when everything is available all the time, this kind of treat is no longer a treat for most but a daily habit of consumption. And that’s when it becomes dangerous, not just for diabetics but for everyone.

For me I thought I was doing good intil it was time to eat. I talked myself into just “walking off” from the candy and all that. But it didn’t work. My will power stinks. And I was so ashamed of myself. My meter couldn’t read my sugar all it said was HI. So I have been working hard after that. Really scared me. I have so much to learn about my diabetes and my body. When i seen this post sure made me feel better that i am not alone in this.

I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 days before Easter, 11 years ago. I remember getting/writing the Easter Bunny for the treats he gave other diabetics. I got a lot of earrings that year… I’ve learned to control myself with the candy, it’s hard and I frequently struggle…
Side-note on sugar-free jelly beans- I had both sugar free and sugared jelly beans this Easter and I’ve realized that the sugar-free jelly beans are more sticker than regular…