Eating Habits to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes

I thought this information could be useful to the members who have pre-diabetes. i read about it on US News this morning:

Mediterranean Diet May Ward Off Type 2 Diabetes

Hi Manny,
The mediterranean diet is nice. That being said, my objection is to the assumption that type 2’s are at fault for their diabetes. The statement in the article says what most publications say, “Type 2 diabetes is typically brought on by poor eating habits, overweight and lack of exercise.” I still want to ask why did the pancreas and liver mess up in the first place?
We are keeping our two prediabetics on a low carb diet. I just don’t think that all those carbs in all the cereals and things are good for them. We have type 1’s, type 2’s and I am Lada, in our family. And the type 2’s are not over weight. I just have a hard time lumping everyone into one place.

You make some good points, Saundra. Definitely being overweight and not exercising are not the only two known risk factors, but they are in the list of factors. To the extent that they are things that we have control over (as opposed to our race, our genetics or our age), it seems reasonable to act on them, I’d say.


This idea gets trotted out from time to time, but the research supporting it is very weak.

Basically, a Meditteranean diet is better than eating at McDonalds for every meal, but for someone who is insulin deficient–which includes far more Type 2s than was realized, it still has an awful lot of carbs.

And the whole idea that people cause their diabetes because of what they eat is very flawed, as Sandra noted.

I’m going to be blogging on a study in this month’s Diabetes journal that found that the HOMA formula used to estimate insulin resistance–the main test used to establish the idea that most Type 2s are very insulin resistant turns out to do a very poor job and that it labels “insulin resistant” people who real time insulin monitoring found to be insulin deficient.

This leads me to suspect that a lot more “Type 2s” will be found to be insulin deficient, thanks to genetic problems, than hitherto believed. And if you are insulin deficent the last thing you want to do is eat all that whole wheat bread, rice, and pasta.

Thanks for bringing this up, Jenny!

I would love to read your blog post about this. Would you mind posting a link here when it’s live?

I think low fat and low carb diet is good for prediabetes.

If you study the history of type-2 diabetes you find that it did not exist until about 1850 onward except among the wealthy classes in various societies where it could be found at all. So what has changed. Primitive societies especially were very free of the disease. Take for example the PIMA Indians of Arizona probably the best case to illustrate the idea. From 1840 onward the PIMA’s changed from at band of thin healthy hunter gatherers into a band of obese individuals with about 50% of the present adult population being type-2 diabetics. This is well documented by historians and doctors. Even today there is a band of Pimas, separated from the Arizona groups, living in northern Mexico who are still thin and healthy. Some argue that fat caused this debacle. But they eat no more fat today than in 1850 when fish and wild game were plentiful. The horror started when the white man brought sugar and flour to trade with the Pima. You see this pattern over and over around the world. Eskimos, American Indians of all tribes, African bushman. Give them access to significant quantities of flour, sugar or polished rice or any refined carbohydrate and allow about 20 years to pass and bam you have an army of Type-2 diabetics.
A challenge to skeptics:

  1. Show me any society on earth where sugar, flour, rice or other refined carbohydrate forms a major portion of the diet for more than 20 years and diabetes is low, There is none.
  2. Conversly, show me any society on earth with very limited access to the above refined carbohydrates with a significant type-2 diabetes problem. There is none.
    My opinion, forget about The Mediterranean Diet. Limit foods that contain significant amounts of refined carbohydrates. Don’t exclude them, limit them. Opinion: No person should consume more than about 50 pounds of sugar per year. If you a Pima, heaven help you. Maybe you should go below 20 pounds of sugar and cut rice and flour as low as you can stand.
    O.K. I have fired the first arrow here. Shoot back. Lets have some fun!

This is not reasonably possible. You cannot get adequate calories to survive. The only macro nutrient left is protein. Protein is partially broken down to form glucose which is not low carb. Therefore excess protein defeats the effort by providing “extra” carbohydrates. Carry the idea to far and you suffer from what Eskimos call “rabbit starvation”. This happens up north from eating nothing but lean rabbits which at times are the only game available. Eskimos have been known to drink melted fat after such an ordeal to restore a deficiency of fatty acids. They avoid scurvy by eating the stomach contents of the rabbits but do not get enough fats to remain healthy.

If you are fat and hyperglycemia you should eat low carb diet. For 6 mounth.

Factors shmactors. I have zero factors for diabetes, but here I am injecting insulin every night.

I take “Are you at risk for diabetes” tests on the web for fun whenever I find them. They always answer “Nope! you’re fine! Not at risk for diabetes at all! go have a cookie!”

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I think this idea look like DM patient is depend on habit not genetics.

I can’t shoot back. You took all of my ammo. Nice job!

Since adopting a healthy diet of primarily raw, natural foods, with loads of vegetables and many fruits, nuts, and whole grains, my insulin resistance has lowered right along with my glucose levels. I walk at least an hour every day. Basically, I emulate the lifestyle of my distant ancestors in terms of quality of food and daily activity level. It’s amazing at how effectively it has worked. I’ve been off the Metformin for fourteen months as of yesterday. Plus, I have the added benefit of feeling like I did twenty years ago. I’m 57.

Agreed - I recently filled out a diabetes questionnaire at the hospital and got 2 points. According to the score sheet, if you score between 3-9 you have low risk. I just don’t think weight should be relied upon as a factor.

Actually, any diet high in natural nutrition and low in manufactured, refined, processed, preserved, enriched, packaged carbs can do as good as, or an even better job than the “Mediterranean Diet” (which has too much grain for me) does toward not only keeping insulin resistance low, but reducing heart attack and stroke risk. It’s all about giving the body the nutrition it needs while avoiding the excess it doesn’t need in order to stay healthy. Here’s a list of very helpful articles that will help anyone to understand the importance of nutrition in keeping the body’s critical functions optimized. Nutrition And Food Web Archive diabetes nutrition articles.