Being Diabetic is your own fault?

Tonight on CBS news it had a new study finding… If you are in the “grey” area (pre-diabetic)and if you don’t diet and excersise, it is your fault if you develop type 2 diabetes… Study shows that 60 percent of the people in the “grey” area will go on to develop diabetes if they don’t diet and excersise. Now what do you think about that?
Your own fault if you are diabetic? I am 200 pounds at 5 foot 9 inches… a far cry from being obese…I did diet and excercise after not being able to hardly see for a few months untill I went on pills and eventually insulin, but it’s my fault that my pancreas has sh*t the bed or my cells have become a bit more resistant to insulin?
Well isn’t that special!
So what about when the insurance companies decide… well you know, you brought this disease on yourself… you did not follow the proper guidlines when you were in the “grey” area… YOU ARE NO LONGER COVERED!
Far fetched?
HMMMMMM You get into a car accident guess what happens… Your rates go way up or they DROP you…
What a dangerous finding!! My fault?
Any comments?

I agree. It is a toss up of genetics, and being thin is hailed as a better worker.

“Fat, dumb, and lazy” is the unsaid label in the workforce. As if a thin person is guaranteed to do a good job. Goes with hiring “beautiful people” over not beautiful people. No wonder quality of service and products is so bad now.

The American Diabetic Assn, and the Dieticians STILL promote LOW FAT, HIGH CARB.

You do need to exercise too.

This guy has some good, informative videos.

I’m not buying this for a second. I’m sorry, but as citizen of the USA, I’m going to fight until my last breath to make sure that I have control over my life. The only way this can not make sense is if you are a socialist.

I am a depression survivor, a fibromyalgia sufferer, and, of course, diabetic. It wasn’t until I quit making excuses and started finding solutions that good things started to happen to me.

That’s just the way it is.

Ha…How about if you’re in the “GREY AREA” and you ARE trying to do something about it, and your Dr. doesn’t believe there’s anything wrong with you…‘till you’re eventually later dx by another MD with…Diabetes. I’ve always BEEN thin…‘till I got in the “GREY AREA”…then out of the blue shot up to 156 lbs ( I’m 5’7’’)…then around the time I think Diabetes kicked in, I dropped 30 lbs just like that!..I sure don’t see any of this as being MY fault!!!

I would say they are referring to the people that are over weight, and are told they need to loose weight if they would like to prevent the disease. But choose not to do anything about it. Or they “walk” and loose 5 pounds. I think many people say their height and weight and think they are OK, but if you are 200 pounds and tall but most of their weight is body fat then guess what? You need to loose wieght, or turn fat into muscle. I have type 1 and I have a sister in law that is overweight, she has been told to loose weight, she has been told to work out. She says she is working out, but a walk evry other day is not working out. It kills me to think she is going to end up like me. I could not imagine having a disease I could cure… or control and no doing everything in my power to help myself. I am not saying this is all people but i think these are the people this program was talking about.

When I joined HP I was asked my weight, when I asked why they explained that Science shows overweight people have more health problems and are more expensive to insure. So this is why insurance companies have guidelines such as this.

Well said! In our world today, everyone tries to blame everyone else. I am on another forum where there is currently a debate about weight. When I chimed in the 110 at 5’4 is not “anorexic” there was an uproar. I was quickly told that at 5’2 140 is healthy. I am 5’2 I know that if I were to pack on 30 pounds I would not only be unhealthy but chunky. I have nothing against anyone choosing to be heavy but take responsibility.

As a US citizen, I think I understand what you are saying. Not only freedom to choose but a duty to exercise our freedoms is fundamental to beating not only diabetes but any of our woes.

What I’m talking about are the impoverished, the life-skill challenged, and the every day Joe that has been brainwashed by government policy, advertising, and even our health teams to live unhealthily. The high-carb, low fat diet, “The Pepsi Generation,” “It’s The Real Thing,” "Where would you be without McDonald’s?, “Finger Lickin’ Good!” Show me a nutritionist that doesn’t push 60% carbohydrate diets. Show me doctors not named Berntein who prescribe low-carb diets. We have been and still are totally inundated with bad messages. It is not an activity problem but a dietary problem. This much I agree on with people like Taubes. The recent HFCS adverts are proof enough:

These are the influences I’m asserting are the main cause of our woes: government policy based on bad science and big business trying to make a buck. All great intentions, but bad for us all. Don’t tell me you weren’t hooked on any of this stuff. You became diabetic. Was it your fault or were you led astray? Is this take charge attitude a change for you or did you just finally see the light?

Your remedy is the very best. We all need to take charge. I try to convert my support group ladies to make needed changes every month. But they won’t budge an inch because that’s not what the Teaching Clinic says. Pffft!.

As usual, the Mainstream Media oversimplify. This is the same media that exists to sell ever more sugar to a population that is over sugared and has been, since the inception of large scale TV advertising in the 1950s. Maybe CBS ought to be made to pay. The problem is that the entire post WWII economy was supported by the premise that selling more stuff, including food additives was better. We all bought into that. If Diabetes incidence in the general population increased by subtle percentage points year after year, who connected the dots? Not CBS. Just now, we get the general gist of how to take control of our situation to somewhat prevent our genetic proclivity from becoming actuality. Can this entirely be prevented? Worth discussion. I doubt there will ever be a basis for conclusion until there is also absolute ability to diagnose in advance and prevent.

More power to you PowerPumper. I am one to have to admit that my diabetes is “my own fault.” When I found out (quite cruely from my doctor at that time) that I am a full-blown diabetic, I put the brakes on all sweets and deserts that have sugar and flour in it and whammo, I wasn’t that full-blown diabetic any longer. My second doctor told me that I well so-controlled she “wished all her patients were in control as well as I was.” I have to work at it…it isn’t as easy as depression can set in when you think about being deprived of the food you love and can’t have. I have one thing to add about receiving bad messages…the doctors who are so quick to prescribed drugs are the worse ones. They haphazardly prescribed drugs for every sniffle and pain. Talk about bad messages. Many people have died from such methods of modern medicine.

They used to blame people for having ulcers. They were told they were too high strung and didn’t handle stress well. Now we know it is bacteria.

People are being blamed for gaining weight and “Causing diabetes”, which is not true.

I blame the Low-fat, High Carb diets for that. People got told that athletes ate spaghetti before a race, it had to be good for you…we were advised to load up on fat free carbs. They wanted us to hold the protein because they deemed protein as bad. I remember Weight Watchers…you could only have one egg for breakfast, but you could have 2 slices of “diet bread” for toast, oh, and you could slip in the Weight Watchers desserts too, if you counted the calories right in there.

We see more Diabetes, because of the larger population, easier to diagnose it, and we know what to look for. I also believe STRESS plays a huge role in our development of disease. There is no doubt it wreaks havoc on our bodies. I don’t believe it causes Diabetes, but I think it can make it, and other things worse.

Was man meant to work in a cubicle sitting for 10 hours per day, where leaving his desk meant he wasn’t a good worker?

I never had a pre-diabetic moment. I was never overweight and had gestational diabetes. Then I noticed my blurry vision, at first I thought it was an eye problem and the eye Dr. said contact a family physician and guess what my sugar was in the 500’s. I did not cause it ask for it and there was nothing I could do to stop it, other than going back it time and not having kids at such a young age. I was officially diagnosed at 26.

Man, I have never seen a discussion topic be so regularly brought up again! I think this speaks to the way our culture continues to blame us for our disease, and how that makes us feel.

I have always bn over weight ever since elementry school,M part of it was my faught that Im a diabetic and part of it was inhairted from my familyes.We will never find out who faught it was . SO STAY OFF OF OUR BACKS ABOUT IT!!! Unless u can prove it leave it alone.

Yes…and it’s not only about diabetes, when I was a child, back in the stone age (in the 50s and 60s)…asthma was seldom heard of…same goes for allergies. Now, every second school child/adult has asthma and/or allergies.

And what’s with so many people having auto-immune diseases?

I blame the food we eat…with additives in everything…and the environment.

Well said Cory…after all, not everyone who is overweight develops diabetes…for the better part, there has to be a genetic trigger.

Craig, will you share more about your diet/eating habits? I am new here, newly diagnosed and scrambling to learn positive information to help me make changes to my health.


I know what you mean Ellie… Am very surprised this thread has lasted so long. Just as I am about to close the subject out , more valid points come rolling in! I am very impressed with the opinoins and the knowledge people have on this subject! I learn more and more with every post!
Thanks all who have contributed to this thread! This Forum is so great it gives anyone and everyone a cance to speak out!
Thanks to Manny , we all have a chance to share and ask any concerns that we have.
What a great site!!