Eating habits

hi everyone,my name is rick and i’m not even sure if i have type 1/or 2.i would like some feedback on what foods to eat.i know nothing about carbs,but i do know how to read what’s what on food packages.thank you very much.

You should find out whether you’re type 1 or 2. I would advise you see a diabetes dietician who can help you with a meal plan that fits your likes and dislikes, and the way you treat your diabetes. I use an insulin pump, and can eat anything I want, as long as I take appropriate insulin to cover the carbs. Someone on a mixed insulin might have to eat a certain amount of food at a specific time of the day. Another person using diet and exercise alone might concentrate on lower carb foods. There are so many ways of treating diabetes, that it is pretty difficult to offer specific advice with the information you’re shared.

Rick, check out this web page: It will help you get started. Good luck.

If it makes you feel like crap 2-10 hours after you eat it - don’t eat it. I feel so much better on whole foods it’s not funny. I shop at the edges of the grocery store - produce, meat, dairy - stay away from the processed stuff in the isles -

I can’t agree more. My mother raised me on boxed foods: noodle mixes, scalloped potatoes, etc. Since I became the caretaker and fresh fruits, veggies, & meats became the primary foods, her blood sugar levels have improved significantly. Her A1C has been 5.7 - 5.9 for the past year. That’s due to her doctor as well, but we all feel better (and save money) by avoiding the high prices & chemical additives of prepackaged foods.

I agree with Maureen, You should find out what type of you have…Then see a dietician and maybe an ENDO so you can gain knowledge.

Count carbs using the carb choice method… for me it’s eaiser, no more than 30-40 per meal; I do go over my limit every once in a while. I eat a snack in between my main meals which consist of 15g of carbs

Hi, Rick; buy a carb counter, say, Atkin’s. Carb counter books and package labels imply that you can subtract one gram of carb for each gram of fiber. You will see “Net Carbs” everywhere. The fiber can indicate how fast the carb is processed. But a carb is a carb, and your body will have to deal with it sometime. My advice is that if you are counting carbs, don’t do any subtracting.