Hi, im amy and i want something good to eat

dont get me wrong, please. i know im not the only one but i’m a 44 yo female who just got diagnosed two days ago. my initial readings were HI, now it’s 323. started glyburide 2 nights ago, doc called script in to pharmacist. a very good friend has started me on the right path. shes bought me all kinds of good food. such as everything fresh, organic and within guidelines i’m sure. i’ve eaten tofu, fresh brocoli rabe, fresh broccoli, fresh spinach, soy milk. i’ve cheated with store made tuna salad on a slice of weight watchers fiber bread. i’ve eaten a pint of fresh blueberries!!! never before in my life have i eaten blueberries. i’m not overweight. it’s not like i’ve eaten terribly. i’ve been on some kind of diet just because i wanted to lose that last 5 pounds, ever since i’m thirteen. might i say like most of the female population in america. always watching my fat intake. i probably should’ve been watching my sugar, i guess, now I know.

so, i want something good to eat! what can i order that won’t hurt me???


You have to watch you CARB intake:) There is a website called Calorieking.com and it list a lot of nutritional information. You should have your physician send you to a diabetic educator so you can learn how to eat and what to watch for. Diabetes isn’t a sugar disease:) there are a lot of sites on the internet that can help you, here is one www.healthcentral.com/diabetes
They have information there for newly dx diabetes. Relax you can’t control Diabetes overnight. You have joined the right community.

Your friend sounds awesome! What a sweetie.

There are so many different answers to this question, and different approaches to how a T2 diabetic “should” eat – there’s even a whole forum here about food! So you might want to check that out.

For me, keeping carbs fairly low has been my main guidline. I try to keep them between 75 and 100 a day. Lots of fresh vegetables and berries, not too much fruit (it seems like the softer the fruit, the more it spikes my BG – melons, bananas, anything tropical, forget it), lean protein and TONS of greens. Seriously, tons! Well, maybe not yet. But I’m working in that direction. I eat two big salads a day and have even figured out how to use lettuce in place of rice and pasta (it melts down under a hot sauce and is really satisfying to chew).

You might already know this but a lot of foods have carbs (sugar) in them that is not necessarily listed on the label. And, the labeling can be misleading. My general rule is, if it comes with a label, I probably don’t want to eat it. I use these websites a lot for figuring out carbs: http://www.carb-counter.org and http://www.calorieking.com. Calorie King also has a nice little pocket-sized guide that you can take with you when you go out.

I’m about to make lunch and here’s what I’m having: two or three big handfuls of organic lettuce/spinach/radicchio/frisee salad mix (with nasturtiums), with 3 oz. of chopped grilled chicken on top, one small handful of toasted pecans (chopped), a sprinkling of beautiful crumbled gorgonzola, seven or eight raisins (for a sweet surprise) and a dressing I make with olive oil, wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar and a tiny bit of mustard. I eat some variation on this several times a week and it is to die for. Sometimes I add some avocado, or even a little bit of crumbled crisp bacon.

Hmm … I have to go now … I just made myself hungry! :slight_smile:

Everyone things once you are diagnosed diabetic all you eat is boiled chicken, and veggies. That is not the case. right now it must seem blah the food you are eating, but I understand right now you have to bring your levels down. Once you are stable you will learn what works and count carbs. Once you have that you can basically eat what you want…all in moderation, that five layer double fudge cake would be scaled down in portion…lol.

you are on the right path and this community is a great source of support and knowledge.

The diabetic education that DiabeticizMe mentioned is one of the best things you can probably do. I did that when I was diagnosed in July of 2007, and that has helped me tremendously. The one I went to set carb and calorie guidelines for me to follow and has really helped.

Calorieking is a FANTASTIC source. They even have a menu planner that you can purchase and download to your computer, not real expensive and very helpful. Has a lot of different eating establishments listed on the computer database. The book that they publish is fantastic too. Didn’t get a copy of the 2008, as I had the 2007, but do plan on getting the 2009 when it comes out. Figure every 2 years is probably sufficient to update the book. Very handy size to carry around in a purse, backpack, whatever youcarry with you daily.

Also nearly every chain eating establishment has a page that shows their dietary details, carbs, calories, etc. that are extremely helpful. As you learn, you will probably be surprised at what you can and can’t eat. As I was told, I can eat whatever I want, I just have to watch how much I eat of whatever I want.

WOW!!! You sound like an awesome cook!!! You made me hungry for that salad! I’m gonna try that recipe in the very near future. I know what you mean about the raisin as a sweet surprise. That’s why I like raisin bran cereal, for the sweet surprise, I like that one. You’ve cheered me up, thanks! And I will most definitely check out those sites.
thank you!

thank you preta,
i feel so much better for all the loving support i’ve been receiving. there is chocolate in my future!!! LOL! I don’t know if i could go on without it, kidding.

thank you

thanks big al,
you gave me a lot of relly good information. As I gain strength, i will get a copy of the calorie king. A few people have mentioned how really good that one is. I appreciate all you’ve said.
thank you so very much

By the way, speaking of chocolate, Dove Dark Chocolate pieces (not the big bars, but the individually wrapped pieces) you can eat 3 of them for around 15 or so grams of carbs. Excellent snack to satisfy a sweet tooth.