Edema, Lasix and Insulin Resistance - HELP!

Hi Carol,
Thank you so much, for the info. I believe that you are right, about the D3 (I believe this to be the case, in addition to my other problems). I am going to ask my Doctor, to have me tested. I will update with the results, in about a month. Thanks again.

Dear joe.

Your case is quite interesting. You mentiioned that you have cushing’s syndrome. This means an excess of cortisol that will probably cause insulin resistance and diabetes. Is anything being done about this problem? Which extremely dangerous medication for insulin resistance was your doctor refering to?

To Jennifer_Andes,

My Thyroid came back, “Low-Normal” and the Endo Doc suggested a Thyroid Ultrasound, which my PCP won’t order, for me. My Cushing’s was caused by 2 1/2 yrs of Prednisone. But, my Cortisol levels are in normal range (barely). The Doc says that my Cushingoid appearance has drastically improved.

To Anthony_Holko,

I do have Insulin Resistance and I’m borderline Diabetic. My Doc never told me the name of the dangerous medicine.

Thank you both, for your replies. Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you, again. :slight_smile: