Insulin Resistance and Reaction, Water Retention and Weight Gain

Granted everyone is different and diabetes is a individual disease.

I have been an insulin dependent Type Diabetic for five years. I just kept getting bigger and holding more and more water. My doctors would increase my lasix dose to 160 mg in morning and 160 mg in the evening. I noted and mentioned on several visits that it seem than Humlin and Humalog were contradicting the diuretics abilities. I finally met another doctor that said " you appear to have a resistance and a reaction to the older insulins, this included Lantus, Humlin R, Humlin N and Humalog. As this issue had gone on for a longtime, more and more insulin and more and more lasix. So the new doctor had me drop the above Long Acting insulins N & R and switched me to Levemir, i still use a good dose 200 units twice daily. However after just a few days I had shed 17 pounds in water alone and had to half my Lasix dosage.

After about a month later I switched to Apidra from Humalog “Apidra® Fast, Flexible Mealtime Insulin for Blood Sugar Control” I have now, been on Apidra for a week and have noticed that I get better performance and only use 25% of what I used to use to adjust my morning BG and Meal time BG. Best of all, I now pass water like a non-diabetic and had to cut my Lasix dosage in half again. My thirst craving are all but gone and I am not hungry all the time, plus my energy is way up. My ankles don’t look like footballs and so it appears that I am headed in right direction.

My kidney functions are good .08 -1.1, the water retentions were from my reactance and my entire system was out of whack. In short don’t let anyone tell you that nobody has allergies to external insulin, they do. Never be afraid to try something new or better. Ask your doctor questions and if they can’t answer them find another doctor.

From what information that I have gathered, there are about %5 of the Type 2 diabetics that have some of the same problem as I. You need to be on your game and so does your doctor and doctors need feedback, only you can tell them what works and what does not.

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Thank you very much . . . I learned a great deal in these forums and with the knowledge I went prepared. Many doctors do recommend these forums and education classes for new and extant diabetics as do I, the class are a big help. I am passed being shy and will pretty share everything that I learn.

I still don’t know what a dewdrop is? any help :wink:

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Hi Peter,
My name is Peter too and I too had severe insulin resistance. After going two Endos and my PCP I finally found a new Endo who has helped me. He told me my body was having insulin toxicity. I was on Humulin N and Humalog.
He put me on Lantus (100 units in the AM and 100 units in the PM) and gave me a sliding scale to work with starting from 100 units of the Humalog before each meal. This starting working on me after a few days. My glucose readings started to come down better than they have been in over a year. My Endo told me at long as I had high readings I would have the insulin toxicity. He also ordered me on a pump with U500 insulin. I have been on my OmniPod for two months now and my A1C is now 6.7 down from 9.2. I am like a new person. The other docs kept on just upping my doses of the old insulin. When I asked about my resistance to the other docs they said well you are over weight! When I asked them about changing my insulin to maybe Lantus or something else they said Na You Don’t Need Lantus, you need to lose weight! Well yea I needed to lose weight but did they think that was easy on over 500 units of insulin a day? My new Endo was not even worry about the weight a first, he was concerned with getting my glucose levels down! I now have lost 8 pounds in two months on the pump. Like my new Endo says, everything will fall into place once we get your sugar levels more normal, the insulin resistance, the weight problem. Anyway I’m really glad you and I both found a better doc to deal with our problems.


I am not sure what my A1c is right now but I am doing the same . . losing weight, feeling great and cut my Lasix to PRN (as needed) yeah man!