Hello. New to the group. Starting Insulin

Hello everyone. My name is John. I am 42 yrs old. Been a type 2 since summer 2010. I have had many issues keeping my sugar under control. Today my endo put me on Lantus 10 units at bedtime. Told to increase it by 2 units every 3 days till i get my waking number under 120. I will keep using my Byetta twice a day and Glimepiride 4mg in the am.Any advice on taking the Lantus? My number lately have been rare to be under 200. Tonight i took the Byetta (first time in 2 months due to $ issues)and had a small meal. About a hour later i got that strange feeling. BS was 85. I get that feeling anytime i go under 100 in the past.


Hi John, I'm not type 2, I'm type 1, but I have taken Lantus for many years in the past (I'm on a pump now, with only Apidra insulin). One thing to know is that you may feel a stinging or burning sensation at the injection site after you inject your Lantus. It's pretty common, but it will go away after a few minutes. I know it can alarm people who've never taken it before, so I thought I'd give you a heads up that it's pretty normal.

One other thing about that "strange feeling" you described whenever you go under 100. What you might be experiencing are false "low" blood sugar feelings. Often, when people have spent a lot of time with elevated blood sugars, when they start to have more blood sugars that are in the "normal" range, they experience them as actually feeling like "low" blood sugars. After you spend more time in a normal range, that feeling should go away, too. Maybe that's what you're feeling, or maybe it's something else, but those are just my two cents. Any way, good luck with everything!

Well, welcome John. Glad you found us. You will find many friends here. I started out slow 32 years ago, with glip and metform. Graduated so to speak to insulin about 15 yrs ago, not so bad. Becomes a habit.I did take take Lantus for a few years, but sometimes I forget to take it at night! Not perfect by any means, we all slip from time to time. You probably will find out going below 200 to 85 is a hassle, but it's where you should be. It takes an adjustment. Soon you will feel what's it's like to go from 85 to 200. Ow!

Don't worry too much. Follow the doc's orders.......

I think it is great that you had an after meal blood sugar of 85 mg/dl. It is a sign that this treatment will work. I take insulin to treat my type 2 diabetes. Coupled with a strict low carb diet and exercise program I've been really successful getting my blood sugar controlled. I'm glad you joined us. If you ever have questions, just ask and please just join in the dialog.

Hello everyone. So last night was my first night to take my Lantus 10units. Woke up at 10am (i work evenings so bedtime isnt to 1am or so). My sugar was 245. I know it will take time to get it under control. My biggest challenge is my eating at work. I am on the road for work and have very little time to stop.I need to start packing something healthy vs the fast food window.Hope everyone has a good week end.

85 feels funny to you because you're used to running high. A few days after I was first diagnosed (with type 1, as an adult) and put on insulin, I actually ate a glucose tablet in the waiting room of my endo's office because I felt "low" at 85. My doctor laughed at me.... Now 85 is perfection!

Glad you remain upbeat John. Just remember there will be a few adjustments to get you "dialed in" to the treatment. Leave the fast food stuff alone.....that's real tough!

Regarding the strange feeling - your feeling low at 85 because your body is used to your blood sugar being higher. That feeling will go away once your BGs are more stable.

You mention you have a hard time with your eating because of your job. I'm a type 1, and have to obviously be very strict about what I eat (mainly in knowing the amount of carbs I'm eating so that I know how much insulin to take with each meal or snack). Some tricks that I've found which help including always having "safe" foods handy (which for me are foods I know won't have a negative effect on my BG and for which I know the carb count) and just making a habit of packing myself a lunch every single day. Get yourself a lunch box/sack and pack it up the night before, both with your meal for during working hours and snacks to graze on through the day.