Effect of chicken broth on blood sugar

I am having digestive issues so I can’t eat much due to bloating and filling up fast. I decided to try some broth today. Despite there being no carbs in it, my BS spiked from 165 to 205. Has anyone else experienced this?

I drink some chicken bone broth almost every day. I use the Pacific Foods organic chicken bone broth but I prefer the Golden Ladle organic chicken bone broth that’s sold at Costco.

While these broths don’t contain any carbs they both contain 9 grams of protein per eight ounce serving. My experience with carb limiting has shown me that I must dose some insulin for protein when carb consumption is low. I treat 9 grams of protein as equivalent to 5 grams of carbs but I would deliver the insulin dose over an hour or two.


Thank you, Terri. Would you also have advice for adjusting the ICR? I cut it in half. I’m lucky I didn’t send myself to the ER. I didn’t know I had to adjust it for low carb diet. Thank God for CGM. I’ll be talking to my CDE tomorrow but I’d be curious to know how you handle it.

I have a tough time with protein and low carb. I also need to dose about half for protein when no carbs are present.
However my insulin sensitivity increases on low carb so then I need less. It’s difficult to make those changes but after you are steady on it, it becomes easier.

Not sure what you’re asking here. Your first question related to the need for adding insulin to cover the protein content in a food without any carbs. Are you asking about adjusting the insulin to carb ratio when doing this? I just use what’s currently working for me, even if dosing for protein. I adjust my insulin to carb ratio based on trial and error.

Yes that is what I’m asking. I’m tweaking it. 1:25 didn’t quite work. I’m trying 1:30 now.