Egg Freezing at 37


I came across this forum in doing research about egg freezing and Type 1 Diabetes. I am currently 6 days into the medication and 6 days away from retrieval. I decided to freeze my eggs in case I have trouble conceiving my first and if the timing of considering a second causes problems as I approach 40. (Realistically earliest I would deliver the first would be ealry 39, making second closer to 41 if no difficulties) I have seen other posts regarding IVF and know that those ladies have also gone through this portion of the process. I have had lows every night since starting the stim meds (I am on injections right now, Novolog and Levemir). Has anyone else experienced this? Any other advice for completing this process that you wish you had known ahead of time. Thank you for any advice!! : )

I did one cycle of IVF at the beginning of 2017 and honestly did not register any special fluctuations to my BG due to the stimulation meds or the retrieval and transfer procedures. But as we all know, YDMV, and my needs are usually pretty stable.

The best advice I can give you in preparation for any future pregnancy, however, is to get on a pump if at all possible. I know some people swear by their CGMs, but for me the flexibility of the pump and being able to tailor insulin requirements (basal and I:C) as frequently as necessary throughout the nine months of pregnancy was even more critical.

Good luck! (And I think it’s very smart to freeze your eggs.)

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Yes, I completely agree for pregnancy that I will put the pump back on. It truly is so much easier to bolus and also control any fluctuations with exercise. My lows may also be from changing to higher protein, lower carb diet. I have a tropical trip coming up 8 days after egg retrieval and have read high protein, lower carb diet for egg freezing is also beneficial. Of course any change of that sort can be the culprit.

Did you experience significant issues with bloating during egg retrieval? So far on day 7 with procedure on day 12, I have not experience more than a pound fluctuation, but have read it happens after the trigger shot and post op. I was curious how long that really lasts with a trip 8 days later. (of course it will all be worth it and isn’t my biggest concern, just don’t want to be asked if I am pregnant when I’m not :slight_smile: )

Nope, no weight fluctuations or bloating either. Basically I didn’t experience anything different from my normal during the IVF cycle. But then again, I also had literally zero symptoms during pretty much the whole pregnancy (OK, aside from eventually gaining weight obviously). I guess my body is just weirdly stable like that, so I am not much help as an example. :slight_smile:

If/when you get to the transfer and hopefully pregnancy in the future, do not hesitate to reach out on this forum – and to me personally – again. I found the pregnancy threads very, very helpful.

Have a good trip and happy egg growing!

I did the same thing with no fluctuations.Good luck and try try try and relax as much as you can and destress before your surgery!

Thank you for the awesome support! I just found this forum and am impressed and grateful for everyone willing to share and support one another. I had the procedure last Friday and my blood sugar was nice and steady with CGM. The lows stopped shortly after I posted and adjusted my insulin a bit. I’m sure it was the low carb, high protein focus which was a great reminder of how effective that approach can be. I was able to freeze more than I hoped and am doing well, although still waiting for some of the bloating to subside. I’m sure it takes time for our bodies to get back to normal.

Hey stable is great! I’m glad it went smoothly for you and will definitely reach out once I start trying naturally! I appreciate the support!