Ehow to count carbs

Ok, how do you handle eating out when the restaurant does not provide the nutrition information? My daughter loves Pizza but the place does not privide carbs....what do I do?

What restraunt is it? Maybe someone will know…?

Do you have a cell phone with web access?

You can search by food type or restaurant.

If I am going for Pizza. I try to check on line before going. This gives me a good idea as to the calculated serving size.

Like or what ever. Be prepared to be shocked in the amout of carbs on some of the nutrition charts.

I travel everywhere with The Calorie King book. You can purchase it online or at a store like Borders. If the exact restaurant isn’t in there, they have many others to be able to get a “guesstimate.” You can lower the carbs by getting thin crust or a small pie rather than a large.

Our endo was very nice and created a small booklet which is like our bible for carbs. The give you most of the basic food on there and even include pizza as well as treats like chocolate, muffins etc.

The booklet suggest 1 slice of thin pizza is 15 carbs. A thick crust is 30 carbs. Generally I find this spot on even though we never do the thick crust pizza’s.

We also have restaurants that have nutritional booklets which I keep in my bag en use at different restaurants. One thing I always struggle with is the milkshake. My son has it on occasion and having to guess the amount of carbs is very difficult and this is when this booklet comes in very handy.

Best advice is to get a paperback book on carb counts, available in most bookstores on online and most even have the most common fast food places listed in them. Most restaurants will have nutritional information if you ask them or try looking up the restaurant online to see if they can help you there if it’s a place you frequent. Pizza is loaded with carbs, one slice is usually 40-60 grams of carbs, it’s the crust that is a killer so tell your daughter to be careful with pizza, I know it spikes up my sugars horribly but I also know how teens love pizza. There are so many useful tools online these days and the worst trouble is with things that are mixed foods so just break it down as best you can and it will get better with practice, hang in there!

I always treated pizza different when I was on MDI. I would inject half the bolus before eating and the other half 1-2 hours later. For suggestions on diabetes and pizza goggle “diabetes pizza effect”.

Like other have said, you can get the nutritional information for pizza at their web sites. Pizza hut, Domino’s and Papa Johns is the ones I use.

one slice thin crust cheese pizza=20 carbs. About.

Download the nutrition information from the restaurant’s website and keep it in a folder. Most people eat the same things over and over again, so after once or twice you’ll have it memorized. If the restaurant doesn’t have a website, get the information from a restaurant that serves similar food.

Buy a copy of Calorie King. It will fit in a purse, back pack or back pocket.

If you have a smart phone, there are a multitude of apps, both free and pay, that provide nutrition information for common foods.

Don’t bother asking anyone at the restaurant. They don’t know. They don’t care.