Local Restaurants

Sometimes I get very frustrated with local restaurants not having nutritional info for people like me. Does this happen to you guys often?

All the time, I’m afraid, with the exception (here in the UK, at least) of McDonald’s and other fastfood outlets of a similar ilk that have started to put nutritional information on their packaging, making life that much easier. Ironic that outlets like these that come in for so much opprobium actually provide some useful information, but then again everything is pre-packaged, making calculations easier, I guess.

Guesstimates are the best you can do.

I wouldn’t say “very frustrated”, but it’s definitely a bit more work. I carry around a little “calorie king” carb counting book, and use it to estimate carbs. It’s been working pretty well, I’m more or less on target most of the time. I do check my BS quite a bit when I’m having something new, though.

being in the food industry i know that it is pricey for a small business restaurant to get nutrition information “made” for the food they serve. also consistancy isn’t always there like at places like mcdonalds so what good is the information anyway if the serving doesn’t match up?? it also gets pricey for restaurants who may change their menus every season, month or even week. if you are not sure what all is in a dish i’m sure you can ask the server and they would be more than happy to let you know the ingredients to better help you count the carbs.