Elevated morning fasting sugars

I’ve been having elevated fasting sugars in the morning - nothing crazy, all but one or two less than 120. Moving my Lantus a little earlier seemed to make things a little better. My sugar was really wonky yesterday, so I decided to increase from 2U to 3U of Lantus - and had 122 this AM, which, while it’s a 1 day sample, was higher than just about anything I’ve gotten as a fasting since honeymoon kicked in.

In the evenings, by and large, my PPs are in the 90-130 range and, if I check 3-4 hours after a fast, I’m almost always down in the 80s. I’m having occasional reactive hypoglycemia, especially if I eat a particularly fatty meal and then do any form of exercise within the next few hours (see my pastrami sandwich post.) I generally have better sugars in the evening than in the AM, regardless of whether I exercise in the AM or the PM.

My working theory is that my Lantus is bringing my sugar low (a la the Somogyi (sp?) effect) and I’m having a rebound, with the Lantus actually negatively affecting my control. Has anyone else had this? Am I completely off-base? (Appointment with endo next week, and will try to get in touch with him by phone before that, but figured I’d ask another one of my silly questions . . . .)

I was having the same effect with the Dawn P. I cut out the bedtime snack, try to walk and I had to raise my basal rate but overall my Endo helped me figure it all out; I am sure yours will help you too!
Keep us updated.

Lantus is a little weird it was hard for me to know when it peaked so I caught a few lows from time to time.

also realized it was the end of the pen’s life. Just switched to a new pen, so I’ll see what happens in the AM.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you!