High Blood Sugars....What's up?

Hi all:
I normally have blood sugars pretty consistently in target (around 100 fasting, under 140 2 hours post prandial, around 120 at bedtime). I have occasional isolated higher numbers, occasional lows, but generally ok. But the last four days I’ve had numerous highs: several 150s and 160s after meals, a 142 fasting (which is unheard of for me, I have virtually no DP), and a 132 and 168 at bedtime (again very unusual). Just now I tested before dinner and I’m at 205!! (I was 151 two hours after lunch. What is up?

I thought of all the things I hear discussed on here: I am eating the same as usual, using the same I:C ratios. I was at the tail end of my 28 day Lantus but started a new one last night. I started a new Apidra on 10/3. It is definitely not hot here. I’m not stressed (although these numbers are starting to get to me…lol) and I’m not sick.

All I can think of is it’s the dread LADA unpredictable blood sugar or final pancreas death I hear about (I haven’t experienced any noticeable variations so far). Anybody have any theories? Suggestions? What I’m thinking is to start to increase my doses, both basal and bolus by a unit at a time. I’m nervous as I’m pretty insulin sensitive, but if these numbers stay like this it might be time. I appreciate any input!

Seems that most people go through changing I:C ratios. When you see consistently higher numbers for consecutive days with everything else being the same, it’s time to either increase insulin or decrease carbs or exercise more. You’re right to do this slowly by one unit. Keep the new dose for at least three days before making another change.

Thanks, Gerri and Dave. Dave you are right that I am hung up with not going above a certain number (10 basal and 4 bolus) because I’ve been a bit scared of insulin since I had a serious low in April. But I will cautiously “treat the symptom” by increasing a unit of each to get my numbers back in control, and keep testing so I see the results. I just got a delivery of 900 test strips so at least I’m not worrying about that! I do get a bit too focused on the “why”.

Just an update. I raised my basal by two units and my numbers are back in target. That was easy!