Eli - Lilly - Humalog Kwik Pens being discontinued?

I got a letter from Walgreens telling me that in 2011, Eli Lilly isnt going to be making Humalog kwik pens anymore, and we need to work with our doctor to find alternatives. Anyone know whats up and why they are doing that? Are they losing a patent? Their web site was less than helpful with a why

I just called Llilly, and they are saying the original pre filled insulin pens (I think they are white with black lettering, at least that’s what shows on the Lilly webiste) are being discontinued, not the kwik pens. We use them as school back ups, so that’s reasuuring to hear. When I went back and re-read the statement on Lilly’s website again, I saw where I mis read the statement as well. It says original prefilled pen containing Humalog, ect, ect, but that the kwik pens would still be available. Maybe Walgreens wrote it out incorrectly? Not sure, we use mail order, and I haven’t gotten a letter from them about it yet.

They are the same product from the looks of it, I don’t know why they would have two identical products available anyway, from what I can tell, they both worked in the same way, but I’ve never used the original pre filled pen, so maybe I’m missing something.

I have used both the original and kwik pens and don’t remember a difference I also use the kwik pens as back up if something goes wrong with my pump and have not heard of them being discon. but I called them as well and they did state it is the originals not the kwik pens

I think the mechanisms between the two pens are different and they are probably looking to streamline their product line. Less redundancy.

My pen says humalog pen - Its grey with maroon trim on it (white letters in the maroon), and the lot number stuff is in white lettering on a black background. It says HP-8725 on it, like thats a model number - along with NDC 0002-8725-01

Does that sound like yours, or do I have the old pen, and all I need to do is switch to the new pen?

I know its been awhile since you posted, but the replacement pen is garbage IMO. its smaller and now no longer allows you to store a needle on the tip. Whats the point of being portable if you have to carry a whole ensemble to facilitate it.

Thanks allot lilly.