Any news on an insulin pen with memory (replacement for Lilly's Memoir?

I used the Memoir insulin pen until it died and then learned that I can't replace it because the product is no longer sold in the U.S. Does anyone know if there is replacement being developed by any other pen maker? And, if not, is there a pharmacy in another country where I can order one?

I found the memory so useful because I sometimes forget if I've taken a dose of humalog. With the Memoir, it was always easy to see if I'd taken it. I really miss that pen!

I can't imagine why all insulin pens don't have a memory. I cannot be that hard to build it into the device.

I'm now using the Luxura Hd pen and the throw away SoloStar for my Lantus. Neither has a memory, and unfortunately, I don't have one either.


Hey Alex,

You are one of so many people with with issue. As a Type 1 of 26 years myself, I know exactly. My team and I have developed a product which aims to just that, check out our replacement cap for your insulin pen, Timesulin.

At the moment we are only selling for insulin pens in Europe (our friends at the FDA slowing us down slightly) but hard at work to make it available stateside soon.

Check it out, let us know what you think and if you think it could work for you, follow us on email/twitter/facebook and we will let you know as soon as it comes to the US.

Kind regards,

T1 for 26 years
Co-Founder and CEO of Timesulin

This is great! Although I'd like it to also show the dosage, or have a way for me to put in the dosage when I take the injection, just having the time since the last injection would be terrific. I want one. But, I use the Lilly Luxura HD which is not a throwaway pen, but instead, one of the pens that takes cartridges. I like the pen because it does half-units.

I hope you will kindly post on TuDiabetes when the Timesulin is available in the US.

Thanks for the info

John, this is awesome! I just saw your post and went to your site. How cool.

I'm very strongly considering leaving the pump and going back to MDI. If so, I will definitely become a customer. I will also make sure my Endo is telling her other patients!

Thanks so much,

Hi Jan,

We need your support! Check out the campaign we are running to launch into the United States! Follow the link below to see our campaign on Indiegogo.

I don't know what insulin you use but here in Europe there are 3 pens that have memory built in.

  1. the pendiqpen
  2. Novopen echo
  3. Novopen 5

From pens not yet mentioned here:
- KiCoPen
- SmartPlus
- Delfu
(not sure about availability in the USA)

Pen caps:
- Timesulin
- InsulCheck