Emergency help. POD failure

I’ve never seen this before. POD died suddenly. It says remove pod and call customer support. I am on hold with them. It won’t let me start a new pod. I tried removing PDM batteries but am getting the same error. Ref 05 420 001 07196. I’ve had NO insulin for 20 minutes

I don’t use PODs, but found this for reset of older PDM.

Maybe check your manual to see if reset is possible.

Thank you. I finally got thru to Omnipod and got that exact “fix”. It didn’t work. I’m back to MDI until I can get another PDM. As it happens I am traveling in Europe so I’ll just have to muddle through

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If you don’t have one you will want to get a long acting basal insulin asap, otherwise with a quick acting insulin you have to get a shot every few hours and it means some sleepless nights.

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This exact thing happened to me when I was in Europe. Only I was using an old Revel pump from Medtronic.

I think:the metal detectors were to blame but I don’t know for sure. Back then they told us we could go through them.

I go through only the body scanners and get my hands swabbed and I haven’t had a problem since.

I have a full supply of fast acting and slow acting insulin. This is a 2 month long European trip so one suitcase is jammed with supplies. I will be ok. I was freaking out at first. I’ve never had the PDM fail like that. I haven’t done MDI since 2015. But I have a CGM and plenty of soda for fast lows and emergency glucagon also

Thanks for the help


Of course, this WOULD happen overseas. Go figure.

Watch how much walking you do, while changing to injection insulin. That always gets me. You’ll have a bunch of insulin in your system now, compared with pump microdoses and that can get activated with increased activity.

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I am mainly running high despite the walking. And can only give 1 full unit of insulin! Skittles candies are my equalizing friend

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