Emergency preparedness information

Where do you seek information to develop your emergency preparedness plan?

  • Government pages
  • Diabetes blogs
  • I do not find this information useful
  • I created my plan

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Insofar as I have one, I created it. But I don’t really have one. Unless you count my spare supplies drawer and the fact that I’ve stockpiled a month or two’s worth of insulin by having a prescription that exceeds my actual usage by a bit.


What @DrBB said.

I’m pretty certain that when the zombie apocalypse comes, I’ll be an early casualty …


I have two. One with handles that has all my diabetes supplies that I can grab and go. That was created myself due to my needs. The other is the families that has food, water and supplies in case of earthquake or wildfire. The family on I did use websites to help make sure I had what might be needed.

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Plan in order of importance - Everyday carry (to get home), escape by foot, escape by pedal power, motorized transport, stay in home. If need leave home know what goes into vehicle, what goes on bike & cart, what can be carried by foot for many miles and pack accordingly.
Accumulated in order of importance - Water, Insulin, Shelter, Defensive, Food, Fire. Purchased 3 day survival backpack for worst case foot escape. Acquired water purification methods, insulin stock (has diminished to 2 month supply), fire starting methods, 1 year dehydrated food for 1 (4 months if sons get to me), survival seeds (my garden hobby will be important), hunting & trapping skills, lots of hand tools.
Plan to get insulin etc back to 6+ month supply, but biggest hurdle will be to keep it chilled. End of insulin = end of me but hopefully I last long enough to get others ready to survive.

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I have an earthquake kit. I have several months of diabetes supplies stored up because I’ve read that in places like Japan, it can take months to get infastructure restored after a big earthquake. My backpack has three days to a week of supplies. (Good time for this topic since I was just talking to a friend the other day about restocking our kits and mine is in dire need of new food and water.) This same kit could be used in other cases like a fire or other disaster.

I also keep some diabetes supplies (namely several penfills of extra insulin, a pen, several pen needles, an extra pump cartridge and infusion set, tape, batteries, alcool swabs, as-needed pills, a prescription medication, two epi-pens, inhaler, and ketone meter and strips) with me in my backpack. Never know if an earthquake might happen when I’m at work or out on public transit and, since I can’t drive nor ride a bike, I’d be largely stranded.