End of the 10Day Freestyle Libre

Hi - I got an email from Abbott Labs stating that they will no longer sell the 10 day Freestyle Libre after 30JUN2019. I stopped using the 14 day devices because they are encrypted and can’t be read by NFC on my phone. As a result, I can’t use Diabetes:M or Glimp on my phone.

If I can’t read the sensor from my phone, given the inconsistent inaccuracy, even regarding the arrows on the Abbott labs reader, I will simply stop using the Freestyle product and go back to lots of finger sticks.

What a pity.


can u not get insurance coverage for Dexcom? Because of T2 or not good/no insurance?

Yes, exactly

sorry. meant insulin dependent

Um, I don’t know what that means, sorry. Therefore, probably not.

Ah, I have insurance, it won’t cover dexcom. I am not insulin dependent.

ah. ok. i couldn’t get the dexcom for many years, until i went on Medicare. How backwards is that? :slight_smile: my group insurance covered 80% of Medtronic sensors but I had no luck with them, so went for a long time w/o any sensors. I’ve been on the dex for about 20 months. best thing for me, ever.

If you are in the us and have commercial insurance, you might be able to use the eversense cgm, or at least for 6 months with their $99 bridge program. Usually, the transmitter sensor combos are around $1000, the transmitter powers the sensor, is rechargeable (36 hours-most people recharge it during a shower) and lasts for a year. The sensors last 3 months, and the fda is testing the 6 month sensors that are already being used in Europe. So about 200 max for the system for 6 months, the only issue is the insertion, but this is a simple procedure that can be done by your endocrinologist, NP, etc…I had to sign a waiver saying they will try to have it paid by my insurance, however, I may be liable for a maximum of $250 for the insertion and removal, which I thought was fair…a lot of the appt was learning the system and the rep was there also, but I was there for 3 hours…the insertion probably took about 10 minutes, and numbing the arm with lidocaine took a while also. I was using the 10 day libre with a blucon and xdrip, but after the 14 day nonsense, I switched to eversense… I also had a lot of libre sensors falling off at 5 or 6 days and it was probably winter related, but still upsetting. The eversense will communicate with xdrip, but its a little tricky, and probably better if the nighttscout cloud is set up, but it still works without it…

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Called two places, they can’t get the ten day sensor anymore, not in their supply chain. Argh.

This might be in your spam folder, but was the #1 reason I’m now on my 12th day on eversense

and so far paid $99 for 3 months

What kind of phone do you have, I have an IPhone that reads my 14 day sensors just fine.

I guess you must have an Android. This circumstance is exactly opposite of what I experienced with the 10 day sensor. When first introduced the 10 day sensor could only be read by Android phones, I am married to my IPhone for other reasons so I waited, eventually an IPhone app came along and I no longer had to carry their reader.

I know the frustration, we can only hope that Abbott will realize they are losing customers over this issue.

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What app on iPhone are you using?

They probably lost me forever, especially when they asked me if I used the miao miao or the blucon. I used the 10 day sensors with xdrip, but have been on the eversense for about 2 weeks now, and its my favorite cgm. Even without their introductory price, its cheaper than the libre and the Dexcom, and I don’t have to worry about it falling off in the summer or winter or summer and winter.

I use the Libreview app.

I used xdrip/blucon/miao miao for NFC to Bluetooth for alarms at night… which is the #1 reason I have the cgm in the 1st place…and to see the glucose on my watch, I used to use the libre scanner to start the sensor and that was about it.

My understanding is the NFC is now encrypted, so only Libre reader can use it, as @Stemwinder_Gary confirmed.

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Which is why I started to research alternatives and switched to eversense

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I understand now. The problem is reading it with an after market add on reader.

My IPhone still works with the 14 day reader.

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Reading with the phone was never an issue, the reason type 1s have cgm s are the alarms to notify us of highs and lows when you’re sleeping…which is why Abbott is slowly getting the libre 2 approved…right now I think its only approved in Germany, but the NFC to Bluetooth is not encrypted in Europe, only the us, which is the issue…my libre sensors also gave me scars, and were falling off in the winter, so there were many reasons for me to switch to Eversense.

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