Freestyle Libre 14day accuracy?



I’m thinking of changing over from the disappointingly inaccurate freestyle Libre 10day to the 14day.

How accurate do you find the 14day to be?

Does anyone know - is Abbott labs phasing out the ten day model?

Thanks as always!


My wife is on the her 2nd 14 day after using the ten day

Has been tracking decently with a countour next meter - happy with the first 2

initially the ten day were a horror story - stated 2/2018 - almost gave up!

the last 5 months have been good to very good

saved a lot of lows -


I still have 3 sensors left that are 10 day so I am hoping the 14 day sensors will be more accurate.

I gave up on paying attention to the “numbers” from the Libre but I do like the graph and seeing direction.

Next month I will start the 14 day. Sure hope it is better.


I had the Libre for 3 months but it was way too inaccurate, 30 points off on average and at times 80 points. Tried the Dexcom and it worked. Had it for a year and every sensor (lasts 3 weeks to 4 weeks) is within 6% even better than they promote. Plus it alerts me when BG is too high or low (I set the alarm numbers) which is especially good at night. And readings change every 5 minutes without swiping. And you can place it anywhere so it is out of sight. Hated swiping my arm in public just to get a reading. More expensive than Libre but if that is not an issue, I highly recommend.


Dexcom now covered by Medicare. I was interested but it is not yet available to Advantage plan patients.

Will continue using Libre until I can get Dexcom.


Is there a difference in price, 10 vs 14 days? How much do they cost?


2 sensors of the 14 day libre cost the same as 3 sensors of the 10 day. I pay $75 per month at CVS with a discount coupon.