Endo today A1c 6.0

Oh how I love third shift. Got home today 6:00 or maybe 6:30 couldn't fall asleep till around 11 am, next thing I know its 14:00. Crap Endo at 14:30. Well I was going to print out my log and graphs etc, scratch that hope they have an email at the office. Brush teeth slap on deodorant, kids and wife napping I'm out the door. Only 10 minutes late not bad. Go to check in, the girl at the desk ask if I have my log. "You have an email I can send it to real quick, I was running late?" "No sorry. Do you have your meter so we can down load it?" Pop open my bag "Crap, I seem to have left it on the stove." "It's OK at least you showed up" she replies.

Well go in meet with my Endo walk her through my log on my phone, shes happy with it. Bp 116 over 67, Thyroid is still low upping my dosage, Vitamin D still low getting a script for it now, Cholesterol is down to 119 from 150. Now the good news A1c 6.0, "Perfect" she says, "but how are your lows." "Not bad go into the 60-65 range a few times a week maybe once a week lower, but tose are from not timing my meals properly or not enough carb intake at work". Well out the door I go next time I will be in the 5s and have all my stuff I hope.

Great result!! Great song too!!

Excellent! Keep up the good work (maybe I should ask you for some hints on how to get any lower - as I’m a gal that likes my carbs a wee bit - patting my love handles with affective ).

That’s fantastic! Congrats. I can totally relate to the not-having-what-you-need-rushing-out-the-door thing as that’s my life.

LOL Frances I love it when my Endo asks about my schedule. I work third shift go to school and have 2 toddlers. I am lucky to remember my underwear some days.

At least you have the option of downloading at the hospital! I have to write everything down and there are a lot of mistakes as I suffer from numerical dyslexia! 3s come out as 8s or 9s etc.

When I ask if the nurse can download from my meter (which should in theory do that) they say that no, the hospital does not have a computer (what is that sitting on the desk?)!!!

Glad you are doing better!

Awesome A1c !!! FYI, you don’t need a script for Vitamin D. It is available OTC. Be sure you get D-3 when you buy it. You should take at least 3,000 IU daily. My doc, who is into vitamins and supplement says it is not toxic under 10,000 IU. It seems that PWD usually have low Vita D.

Great A1C, maybe you don’t have to be Anonymous anymore :slight_smile: