A1C wooos/results

On my way to the endo tomorrow think A1C will be up just like last time. I am having some highs over night and lows durning the work day. Last time was the first time I have had all of my blood work to come back normal. Hope it stays that way. Will find out tomorrow.
Saw the endo today A1C was 6.5. He is more concerned about the lows I am having in early morning time. fasting BG last Saturday for lab work was 39. Told the girl there I was low and she took me right in. did some basal rate adjustments ans carb rato and inulin sincitivty changes in the morning. Gained 5 lbs over the last 3 mo.s he thinks it is because of the lows. We will see. I need to get back to the 4 to 5 days a week walks.
Thanks every body for your commits.

Good luck:)

How was the A1C, Andy? Even if it was high, don’t feel bad: it gives you something to shoot for to improve, amigo.

I seen 6.5 as your A1C! Great job

Good job with the A1C Andy! I’d be curious to know who’s your endo. I lived in Irving for over 30 years and used Steven Aronoff at Endocrine Associates of Dallas. He was the best endo I ever had.