Enlite sensor in arm

Okay, so I noticed a few problems with accuracy on my Enlite sensor. I am using the Medtronic MiniMed 530G pump with the Enlite sensors. I had gone the whole first month with the sensors in my abdomen as suggested my Medtronic and my trainer, but noticed that the numbers would start to get further and further away the more time i put on the sensor. I decided after viewing a YouTube video on how to insert the sensor in the arm that I would try this approach. I was able to attach the sensor remove the needle and even tape the sensor down using only one hand which was a big help because I didn't have anybody else there with me to assist should I have needed assistance. I have been wearing my sensors on my upper arm now for about a week and noticed dramatic improvements. My numbers are almost dead on, usually within 5 points. I strongly suggest if your having any issues with accuracy in your abdomen to give the upper arm a try. It also is more comfortable as I sometimes even forget that I'm wearing it. Let me know what you guys think if you give it a try?

I'm a dex user rather than an enlite user, but have seen the same improvement in accuracy, reliability and longevity when using "alternate" sites. Have tried thighs- accurate but always an issue with skinny jeans. Back of arms - very accurate but issues with prolonged use and keeping it secure - one handed trimming of loose tape and reapplying opsite can be difficult. Butt was accurate but tend to be uncomfortable driving in bucket seats, and always rolled on it. I'm currently using the girls with good results, guess people could try manboobs if they have them as well. If you can pod on your pecks you should be able to CGM there too.

Will be interesting to hear if the enlite works better on alternate sites as well.