Medtronic enlites

I have a question about the enlite sensors. I began pump therapy the first part of May. I had trouble with the quick set infusion sets and switched to the sure-t's. I am having much better success. I have the sensors, but am a little concerned that I will have the same trouble because they do not have a needle and therefore might bend. I have lost about 56 pounds since being diagnosed in July of 2013 and the fat is going. I have not had the training from my endo yet, but have an appointment coming up. I would love to hear from others about this. Thank you ahead of time.

I have not had any issue with this and really, I have not had issue with the quik-set. The sensor actually does insert a metal wire in the skin and leave it there for the 6 day period. When properly attached it does not move. I do place an IV3000 bandage of the top of the installation just to protect it and make it more stable but frankly that woudl not be necessary, I just do it because it gives an added bit of reassurance.

The enlite does take getting used too. So don't judge it out of hand. By and large those of us who use it really like it. I know mine is quantum leap over the previous sensor technology I was using from Metronic. Good luck wiht the new sensor I hope you like it as much as I do.

FYI, the new 'official' method is to double tape - one over the sensor like normal and one over the attached sensor. Also the use of Skin Tac is approved/advised now, according to my Medtronic DCM. I just had my training last week.

Thank you.