Enough Insulin?

So, I have noticed the last few bottles of insulin have been short. I am on the omnipod and put 200 units in each pod. There is supposed to be 1,000 units in a vial…and when I get to my 5th pod there is only 115ish units left. Does this occur with anyone elses insulin? I’m going to talk to my pharmacist and see if it is a reocurring problem with other people too. Let me know, Sugarrbabie

You know I have never noticed if I am or not. I will check next time I open a bottle and see.


I am going to get off the subject for a second…Do you use the full 200 units in your pod? The only reason I am asking is because you don’t have to fill your pod all the way up with insulin. Usually I fill my Pod up to 100u and I still have about 3 units left in the 3 days I wear it.
My 2 vials of insulin usually last me about a month.

I use about 60 units daily…so yes, i have to fill it up with 200 to have some extra.