Omnipod insulin amount

Has anyone ever tried putting in less than the minimum amount of the required 85 units into a pod? By the end of my 3 days with a pod, I still have over 30 units in the pod. Due to the cost of insulin, I’m beginning to feel as though it’s a waste. Aside from that, I am really liking the Omnipod. I’m afraid I’m the end, this may be cost prohibitive. Any feedback is appreciated.

I haven’t tried but I surely understand what you’re saying. There is a lot of waste with the pod. There have been more times than I care to think about that I’ve had 50+ units… (on the omnipod it doesn’t count down units left until you’re below 50). I’ve been told you can draw it out and, adding to it, to meet your need and the minimum for the pod, put it back into a new pod. I tried it a few times but was never successful. I’ve been using OmniPod for four-five years and when I start a new pod I think about the next three days so I can adjust it as best as possible. Sometime, when I’m only putting in 100 units I fear I won’t hear the double beep acknowledging it got enough to prime.

It’s my understanding that you cannot use less than the minimum 80 units. I don’t think the pump will activate until you get to that amount and hear the two beeps. I actually have to change mine tomorrow, so I’ll give it a shot with less and report back to you.

I regularly use less than the minimum amount too, and have never had a problem getting the remaining insulin out of the used pod. Just make sure that the omnipod provided syringe is under the pod and not over top of it. For example, pick up the pod, turn it over so the fill hole is facing the floor, insert the syringe from the bottom, and draw it out. Draw slowly or you will get a giant air bubble which you definitely don’t want to put into your new pod. Good luck!


Wow! I didn’t even consider drawing out the unused insulin, I’ll definitely give that a try. So I’m guessing the 85 units doesn’t have to go in at the same time, it just has to be at that before the pod will prime.
Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

Thank you for the feedback. I’m definitely going to try and draw the insulin back in and use it in the new pod.

Over on another forum some folks said if you fill really slow you can get the two beeps before 85 units. I don’t know, I haven’t tried it. I use about 17 units a day, and still don’t feel like I am really tossing out too much. I think I have gone through one and half vials since May 15, and considering how many infusion sets I kept having to toss on my old pump, this is working out pretty much the same.

Thank you. I will try the slow fill and see if that works too.

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Do let us know if it works please! :slight_smile:

Great idea. Thanks for the tip. I, too, will try this.

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