What causes Pancreatitis and High Enzymes I have been in the hospital for a week now cause of this stuff

Hi Krystle , I am so sorry that you are experiencing this…I had pancreatitis in 99. Very painful stuff Huh? in my case High Enzymes meant a pseudo cyst growing on my pancreas. Please ask your Gastro to run a catscan W/contrast and start there , it is a process on ilimination until they find the culprit creating the high enzymes… My prayers are with you…

Thank u soo much for the help. I had a cat scan Mri and some other test done they said it shows i had alot of these eposodes b4 and they said it looks likemmy pancreas has missin something i forgot its hard for me to understand wit all there medical terms and stuff

Are you eating regular food? How are your sugars? I was put on insulin after my ordeal and now on a pump…I was one of the unfortunate that will always have chronic pancreatitis… Looking into a transplant , just doing research on the computer to see if it is worth it… And it is alot of information they give you in medical terms but i used to make them write it down to research later…Well take care and keep me posted…God Bless

I am supposed to be on an 1800 cal. diet but i am not. i take lantus in the mornin and before i go to bed and i am on a sliding scale. The doc are lookin in on tryn to get me a pump and they talked about the whole transplant thing to i was kinda nervous about that one. They told me i will have Chronic Pancreatitis too i wasnt lookin foward to hearin that. Thanks for respondin to my Decussion ur very helpful!

thanks krystle

Oh no sweetie… Chronic Pancreatitis Will be a challenge… I would seriously consider a pump I had them keep me in the hospital to train me. I was there 4 more days but it helped to have someone watching over me. I use the MM722 the one that holds 300u because with pancreatitis you will probably use alot of insulin like me. My pump is purple. Might as well get a cool color since i have to use it all the time…If you have any questions you can always contact me…add me as a friend… i don’t sleep much… God Bless