Etidad Airlines - UAE

Hi has anyone traveled to Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE with a Pump & their insulin.
I have heard various amounts of complications from traveling through security to being on the airplane.

Any experience or stories you might provide would be great help.


you might want to join this group and ask there

I've only flown within the US. I've had a few pat-downs but nothing that was a big deal. Just keep all your most important things OUT of checked bags.. they could freeze... they could end up at another location.

The writer at SIXUNTILME.COM was in the middle east not too long ago.. I'm sure she'd be happy to answer questions.

Have fun!

I travel often and I found the best thing to do is Forget about it. My pharmacy prints prescription sticker for a ziplock bag that my insulin comes in. I travel with that all the time. Pumps have very little metal in them and I have never had mine set off the metal detectors. My cgm did though. When I tell people about it, then they pull me aside and ask questions. If you just forget it, you will do much better.

Ive been to Isreal and UAE and Jordan. My pump has not set off the detectors and i bolus in the restroom just to not worry people. I pack my CGM discharged in my checked bags.
Some airlines say cgm transmitters are not allowed, although in the US they are.
In most cities, insulin is avaliable, but I always carry extra in checked and in my carry on. And I carry that prescription in both places.

Your bags wont freeze though. Your bags are kept in the same pressurized cabin that you sit in, it isn't heated as much but it won't freeze.

Thanks Timothy. With your insulin in the ziplock do you store an ice pack too? Its an awfully long flight. Have you ever gotten any guff about the infusion sets or the syringes? I only have pens for a back up plan and intend on bringing them... thanks for the advice

I say you should keep your script for those too. It comes in the box when I order it. Also I keep the wallet card I got from MiniMED.
None has ever mentioned my sets. But I usually carry only 1 with me, the rest in my checked luggage. I keep lantus and Novolog and a syringe with me.
I was only ever questioned about my Insulin and My CGM which I just don't wear while flying outside the US. They looked at my script and my 1 syringe and let me go through, but Ive had it scanned millions of times and generally never gets any attention.

Times when I would declare I had on a pump, is a different story as they would take it away from me, out of sight to look at it, and I would be wanded 3 or four times and questioned. Then give it back and expect me to re connect it after its been handled. Even those times though, I was allowed on the plane and was no problem after that.
You will be questioned about it and searched .
I don't know why, but It has happened to me every time I have done it.
The meals are rediculous any way. I once got a snickers bar as part of my diabetic meal which ended up vegetarian and carb heavy anyway,

Since then I keep it tucked in and it never causes any trouble at all.

We carry a medical necessity letter from my son's doctor. No airport security person has ever read it or has even requested it. They don't care much about pump supplies, syringes and insulin vials. (I do put a little cooling pack in with the extra insulin.) All that stuff goes right through. I usually do tell security about his pump. Usually they don't care and he goes through the metal detectors just fine. Recently on a flight to Mexico they had him touch his pump and then they swiped his hands (to check for explosive residue). They were nice about it and waited for me to finish security so I could witness it. Overall, each time we have traveled has been pretty painless. I'm always a little worried about it all, but it has never been a issue. I'm kind of leaning toward what Timothy said - just forget about it. :-)

Have a great trip!

The only problem with declaring it, is that then someone will handle it and cause trouble with it remaining sterile.
International travel is always more trouble than domestic. The rules vary greatly between different countries and different airlines. I don't bother to use coolers with my insulin as long as I have it with me in my carry-on.

Hi. I live in Saudi Arabia-west of UAE- and I’ve been to Abu Dhabi countless times because of flight connections and all. Only once with a pump, about a month ago. I have a Medtronic and I just went through security with the pump clipped to my pants. Not a beep I even had the CGM on. And the staff is really nice so even if it does just tell them that it’s a pump and they’ll understand. One of the security ladies here at KIng Khalid international airport actually asked me about it and if it was a flood choice for her father who’s diabetic. Hope this helps.