Event display after entry?

I’ve just started on the dexcom, and while i’m considering a pump, i haven’t got one yet.

I like the ability to enter in my insulin events (much easier than it was on my one touch), but is there a way to read them back on the device? (w/o having to do a download)

I ask because when doing a correction (which the dexcom is making me aware of much sooner) I like to know when my last injection was so i can figure out where i am in the peak of my insulin. i.e., if i'm 200 and it has been 1.5 hours since my last shot, i'll hold off on the correction, but if it's been 3.5 hours, i know i need it. It's frustrating to know the device has the time and amount in it, but won't tell me! Even just displaying the last entry would help.

I suppose this becomes less important with a pump, which tracks the bolus "automatically", and I assume allows you to see the history.

Even with my pump it’s annoying enough that I basically have stopped using the Dex recording capabilities because they’re so not useful until download. It drives my endo crazy because she wants to see them in the download but I don’t have time to be playing with something that isn’t going to be useful until the end of the week (or month) when I get around to downloading it. If anyone’s figured out a way around this problem please let us know but right now I consider it one of the biggest flaws in the Dexcom system.

I haven’t figured out a way to see the events without downloading either. I especially don’t line logging exercise because I have to put in the duration when I start. Many time the actual duration is not what I anticipate it will be.

If I’m using the logging feature (which is almost never) then I’ll enter the exercise after I’m done. You can change the start time when entering events so I just back it up to whenever I started, then enter the duration and intensity of exercise I actually did. It takes a little longer but it is more accurate.

I didn’t know that you could change the start time. I just looked in my seven plus users guide and saw the magic Edit button. Thank you. Isn’t this forum great? I am always learning something new!