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So far, I am very very satisfied. There is only 1 thing that I need that is not there-Insulin usage . The only place you see it (so far as I can tell) is in the glucose trend report, and you can only see the amount given if you leave your mouse hoovering over the little needle icon. It’s not doing me much good to only have it visable on the screen when printing reports for my Dr and I to review. This is a bit of a bad issue for me. I already use a one touch/animas ping which means I’m already doing a lot of button pushing. And entering my amounts into my dex as well in an attempt to get the full picture, and then not see it clearly in the Dex printed reports is a bit of a let down.

I’m not a slouch when it comes to excel and data management, but I am definitely in over my head trying to take a tab delimited export from both the dex and the pump in an attempt to get a seamless report. Anyone here take a crack at it yet or know of someone attempting it? I’m not even sure what to call such a thing to try to search for it.

It would be awesome to have a log report printed that showed the average BG for the hour, as well as total bolus insulin taken over that same hour period. I like all the graphs and visual methods the dex software is giving me, but they are leaving a big part of the page empty by not reporting insulin and to enter the info into 2 different devices really makes me nuts!

Hope it all gets together before long, if anyone used the abott co-pilot software with a deltec cozmoniter and cozmo pump, that’s the type of intergration I would love to see happen in the future for dex with all the pump manufactures!


I couldn’t agree with you more about all the missing info in the Dexcom Glucose Trend report. I sometimes wonder if medical device manufacturers spend much time or money really asking diabetics about what they need.

A graph of glucose over a 24 hour period is just the start for producing useful information. Without basal rates, boluses, carb quantity, exercise duration and intensity, the graph doesn’t tell you or your doctor much. As you noted, icons (the hypo needle, the runner, and the toast) with the data hidden behind them cannot be printed and taken to an endo’s office to facilitate useful analysis and therapy chnage recommendations.

For my last doctor’s visit I penciled in the missing info. The result was not very neat and tidy. What we need is a report that can take data from the pump (I have a Ping also), the BG meter, and the Dex.

I feel like Dexcom has made some effort with their data management software but have fallen far short of producing a fully integrated display.

Now that they have given us an awesome window into our metabolism, I don’t want to seem ungrateful but I do want them to get much better and flesh out their data managment system.

I look forward to the next generation of software and I hope that they involve of few of us end users to inform their efforts!

Hey Terri,
I did come up with one bit of hope- There is a women out that, apparently a software engineer (My type of people) that has the same issue we do-where is insulin, carbs and excercise info in our reports? She is working on a program, website here: that looks very promising.

I’ve sent her an e-mail and am hoping that she is still in need of beta testers, I really do hope the fact that I’ve got 3 different users of EZ manager max and 3 different patient profiles created for the Dex software doesn’t hurt me.

Yup, still looking for testers. I just replied to your email. As I am trying to do this in my “spare” time, I am unfortunately moving pretty slowly on getting past the “well, it works for me” stage. But I was planning on sending out my first beta test version in the next couple days, so your timing is good.

Hello Val,

I’d love to be a beta tester for your “chaos tracker” software. I use an Animas Ping pump, One-Touch Ping BG meter, and a Dexcom 7+ CGM. You may contact me at torourke dot 53 at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Terry O’Rourke

Do you still need some data from an Omnipod? I am an Omnipod and Dexcom 7+ user. Let me know if I can help any.