Every diabetic should have this on thier ipod

you know how when you get high, you get in a bad mood? well i hate that feeling…
it makes me hate everything. it makes everyone annoying, and they dont understand anything about i how i feel. i just wanna be left alone. and since i love music. and music is my life i found song that helps.
its called “Anthem For The Underdog” by 12 Stones. it rocks. and the lyrics to the song is how i feel with diabetes.
the first line is “You say you know just who I am, But you can’t imagine…” and i know most diabetics feel that all the time.
it goes on and another line is “Been to hell and back again. I won’t take this…” and i know that there are times where we just wanna give up and struggle to keep going. BUT then later in the song it says “You try so hard to bring me down. You can’t break the broken…” diabetes tries to beat us, but it wont. we will beat it, because its one of the hardest things to live with, but we still do it. we can do it. and we will do it. we will live on. we wont let this stop us. we can do anything…just in a different way than other people, but we still do what ever we want beacuse we’re strong and we can make it. the lyrics are down below. i say you should read them and at least listen to the song.

"You say you know just who I am
But you can’t imagine
What waits for you across the line
You thought you had me
But I’m still here standing
And I’m tired of backing down

And I’m here now feeling the pain
Of a thousand hearts
Been to hell and back again
I won’t take this

You try so hard to bring me down
You can’t break the broken
You still don’t seem to understand
It’s your turn to see just
How it feels to be me
How it feels to be knocked down

And you’re here now feeling the pain
Of a thousand hearts
You’ve been to hell and back again
You can’t take this

This feeling

How it feels to be alive
Now you see me through my eyes
And we’re here now feeling the beat
Of a thousand hearts
Coming back to life again
We can make it

This feeling

Another song I have from iTunes is George Simmons “Not By Choice” It was in essence written for the D-life, but can ‘fit’ most any chronic trying thing.

I’m off to get that song, hope you give George a listen too. :slight_smile:

Pancreas by Weird AL when you need a good laugh