Excited or frightened?!

Hello wonderful tudiabetes family!

This is my first blog since I signed up for this website. I don’t have any experience with blogging, so suggestions are always welcome!

Two weeks ago I got the exciting news that I could get a pump, which pretty much is all I can think about since.

In my mind I think how easy my life is going to be and imagine myself pretty much cured (which of course is not the case).

On the other hand it frightens me when I think about the fact that my life depends on a small electronic device that is pumping some stuff in my body (I hope not too much).

My wife talks with me lot about it aswell, usually from her professions view (she’s a pharmacy technician) and sometimes this gives us nice conversations, sometimes not…
The sometimes not part is mostly my fault and can occur because I have diabetes, although I don’t want to blame my different moods on my diabetes. Anyhow, it is hard to talk about this sometimes.
For the rest our life is pretty much ruled by diabetes ( I guess that’s an issue for everybody on this website :o)
so we can honestly say: diabetes rules! our life…

Well, lets talk about the frightening part of the pump.

  • What if the pump runs out of battery when I’m asleep?
  • What if my body can’t handle the stickers?
  • What if It accidentally pumps too much in my body?
  • What if

I know everybody will say that this won’t happen but still… It is or has been in my mind, sometimes just for a splitsecond.
There is one person coming to my rescue! The most dear person in situations like this… what about the famous diabetesnurse!?
Where would we be without them? Yes: nowhere, lost, gone. Hereby I plead for a national diabetesnurseday!

Still I am excited about me getting my pump soon!
Quit blogging (nice word) for now, get back to you all later!

I so know EXACTLY what you mean! I found out recently that I could get a pump as well, and I have started the process (takes about 6 months here unfortunately). After the excitement wore off I’ve often thought “OMG what have I got myself into??” But, thanks to reading a lot on this site, I have to say a lot of my fears have been calmed… for now! :slight_smile:

I’m sure that when I get mine, I’ll be on here asking for HELP!

How long until you can get your pump?

Today was my first day “going live” on the Omnipod. I’ve worn it since last Tuesday but it was loaded with saline and i kept giving myself injections of humalog beofre meals and lantus before bed. I looked into getting a pump over 5 years ago but the idea of being tethered to a “machine” kept me from making the leap. When i discovered that the Omnipod was out there and into it’s second generation of pumps i decided to jump in with both feet. Going through Joslin in Boston it has taken approximately 2 months to get all my “ducks in a row”, from attending Pump classes, selecting the proper pump (Omnipod was my only choice as i wanted a tubeless device), getting approval from my eye doctor, getting approval from insurance company, and ordering the pump. The folks at Joslin have been great and very insightful as has this website so today i can finally say i have joined the world of “Pumpers”! Good luck to you!

Pardon me for sayng so, but HOLY CRAP! I so get you, and Dude, too. I’m sorry to be so unarticulate right now, but, all I can think right now is (sorry again) Holy crap, me too, exactly!

I meant INARTICLUATE. NOT "Un- articulate. (typo) f—it, no matter. Truly thanks for your friendship.

I go on my OmniPod next week for the first time. I totally understand your “what ifs”! Mine is: What if it is so uncomfortable I can’t stand it? What if I never get used to it? What if… I, too, am excited, but also scared. Good luck!!

Good what ifs, as a man I want to just answer your what ifs, but I am very excited for you in your new regime. Once you get it, and use it, all will fall into place. PS: They have major alarms and multiple internal function safety checks. Best of luck, feel free to connect, I am a pumper, and have a child on a pump, Cheers!