Exercise and diabetes

Last night I worked out for 35 minutes and my sugar was 75 but when I woke up this morning it was 333. Why is this happening?

What sort of workout did you do?

I do a program called 21 Day Fix by Beach body. It is a different workout every day for 21 days including Pilates last night. How about you? What do you do to work on your health?

I do a variety of things. Body Pump 2 - 3x/week, cycling 25 - 40 miles 1 - 2x/week, walking 2 - 4x/week.

The reason I was asking is I find a tremendous difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. With aerobics, I always have to reduce my insulin before, during and after the activity. With anaerobics, I reduce before and during the activity and then I have to closely monitor my blood sugar because it will rise significantly 1 - 3 hours after I have finished.

Hi This is a old runner and new Diabetic and I this is something that seems to make sense to me. When I started with the longer distance runs I found the same and it is the body making up for the fuel that is burnt during the exercise. Well my body seems to work like this. After a few weeks it seems to get the message that it does not need ot compensate as there is enough intake of fuel. However if I have a hard training run or speed work I find I will have high sugar levels for about 2 hours and then it will drop back to normal. I do not treat the high as it does not last and seems to be the body dumping fuel again to support the tempo. So to sum it up for me one has ot learn how you body reacts and be prepared to give it some time to stabilize. I run 10km a day and als do weights.I cross train with the mountain bike and trail runs

Maybe your body is adjusting to your new activity pattern. Usually it will release growth hormones in the morning. These have the tendency to activate the liver = amplyfied dawn phenomenon. For the last two weeks I have walked for 90km and had to increase my basal by 30% in total to fight the DP and the general increase in liver output. With BG tests at night you can find out what is going on.

Ar you saying it would be better to work out earlier in the day rather than workout in the evening?

Usually we all have a reaction to dawn. The liver will reduce its output at night. With the dawn it will increase it output to bring us up to speed for the morning - a morning that was often without breakfast in the development of mankind. If you add physical activity in the morning the dawn reaction can be very strong. So in the morning it is better to have breakfast and to let the activity follow. This sort of fuels the activiy with food and insulin and fights the spike of the dawn phenomenon as early as possible. However the growth reaction is just a reaction to new challenging levels of pyhsical activity. So it will happen indendently of the timing of your workout. Your muscles will grow and the growth hormons in the morning are helping with that. Perhaps you can modify your basal pattern in the morning to have more basal insulin to simply work against the growth hormons.