Exercise and pumping?

Hey everyone. Maddy here. So i have a few questions. I have the minimed 722.

  1. When im getting ready for pe at school should i bolus? My BG raises (usually) when i do Pe. My class is about 45 minutes. and lunch Is After PE.

  2. Im doing swimming this year. Idk what to do for this either lol

Any help?
Thanks Sooo much to anyone who helps :smiley:

I would definitely talk to your endo about this. Different people’s bodies react differently with exercise.

i keep my pump on all the time unless i am in organized sports.

basically, if it’s like pe or pick-up basketball i’ll keep my pump on and just make sure it’s securely attached to something

i normally don’t see a huge spike anyway in my bg’s during games or practices

The interaction between exercise and you insulin needs can sometimes be kinda wacky. If you exercise with low levels of insulin, and have not eaten your body will naturally release glucose to fuel your exercise, but it may overdo it resulting in high blood sugars. That is probably what you have observed. On the other side, if you exercise after a meal with insulin on board, you may actually end up readily soaking up those carbs and have the opposite effect and end up hypo. Dr. Sheri Colberg has written extensively on exercise and type 1 diabetes (http://www.shericolberg.com/). Dr. Colberg also has a number of good books that are likely available at your public library. In general, a safe way to approach exercise like swimming would be to consumer 15-30 grams of carbs before exercise and bolus for those carbs. Many will find that they require a smaller bolus during and after exercise, so you should expect to adjust. Most people should find that starting exercise with a bit of carbs in your belly and the right amount of insulin is a good safely way to fuel your energy needs and keep your blood sugar balanced.

Hope that helps.

Hi Maddy,

You need to read Dr. Sherry Colberg’s books:

The Diabetic Athlete
Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook (2009)

I would guess/hope one or both could be found in your local library.

Good luck, Mike