Exercise Spike

I have not been looking for this correlation long in my stats, but I heard about it, and looking back, I am getting a spike from exercise. Check the following stats: (again, I have not tracked this for long, so only three entries)

9 September
06:21AM 127 mg/dL (Morning) Waking Up
08:38AM 150 mg/dL (Morning) After Activity

26 August
06:19AM 119 mg/dL (Morning) Waking Up
08:31AM 150 mg/dL (Morning) After Activity

25 August
06:27AM 128 mg/dL (Morning) Waking Up
08:39AM 162 mg/dL (Morning) After Activity

A little more info: I never eat breakfast (bad habit, I know…sleep is just too appetizing.), and water is all I ever drink before I go exercise. Anyone else deal with this? Any ideas? I will be checking before and after exercise some more to see if it is every day, but (thanks to Sugar Stats), I have monitored three out of three days where I have a spike after exercise.



What type of exercise are you doing? I know from the time I wake up my BG goes up just from moving around but you also need to look at-are you drinking coffee before you exercise? Your BG will go up from the caffeine. It is however not uncommon for your BG to go up after exercise because your live and other organs will release hormones into you blood stream that cause your BG to go up.

I usually concentrate more on cardio, but I also do anaerobic. Lately I have been doing more calisthenics (i.e., push-ups, squats, sit-ups, planks, etc.) with cardio in between, (for a good workout, i would recommend this…wears me out EVERY time.) I do drink coffee, but not before I exercise/test. And I will generally only have 1 or 2 cups, black. I always thought one of the purposes of exercising was to lower sugars. I guess I will just have to play with how long the spike lasts…

If you are not eating anything after getting up and then exercising, you may be having what usually happens to me, apparently, in the night. My bg goes low, as I sleep and thus don’t eat anything, and then by itself–they say it is the body trying to avoid going too low, rebounding–when I get up it is higher than it seems like it should be for fasting. Maybe that is happening to you, not when you get up, but when you exercise with no food…the original low bg is going high in a rebound effect. Try eating just something little, a yogurt or a glass of oj, before exercising.

I find the same thing. A long walk will bring my numbers down, but intense cardio and especially using weights will cause them to rise. I haven’t checked how long the numbers stay up. When I was first diagnosed and had some second phase insulin still going on, my numbers continued to fall after exercise. I haven’t had post workout lows lately, unless I’ve eaten and dosed before hand.

As others have commented, mornings can have their own bizarre blood sugar patterns, too, so that can confuse matters further.